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[转帖] The fourteenth issue of the "Soning Scholars of Public Policy" in the Institute of Politics and Public Policy

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           On December 28,News information website the fourteenth phase of Son of the Institute of Political and Police Policy of the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University (hereinafter referred to as the "Politics and Public Policy Institute") was held in conference room 620 at the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University.Hu Angang, a senior professor of liberal arts of Tsinghua University and Dean of the National Intelligence Research Institute, Zhu Xufeng, dean of the college, Zhu Junming, deputy dean, Zhao Jing, secretary of the party branch and deputy director of the Teaching and Public Policy Institute, Dai Yixin, Director of Political and Public Policy,Deputy Director Liu Shenglong, the teachers of Liang Zheng, Liu Zhilin, Chen Ling, Chen Jidong, Chen Si, Gao Yuchen, and Gao Yuchen of the Institute of Politics and Public Policy participated in the event. The activities were divided into two stages.Deputy Director Liu Shenglong hosted separately.

    Dai Yixin speech

           In the first stage of the event, Teacher Hu Angang made a special report entitled "The Achievements and Evaluation of China's Comprehensive Deepening Reform in the New Era" and communicated with the participating scholars.

    Hu Angang's special invitation report

    Liu Shenglong Host

           In the second stage of the event, Zhu Junming, Gao Yuchen, and Liu Shenglong three teachers and doctoral students He Yu respectively made "global narrative" entitled "ESG", "the technical marketization of shareholders of external enterprises and academic derivatives: based on institutional logic perspective","Resources Coupled with Executive Authority: The Implications of Relocating Governistrate HEADQUARTERS for Local Economic Development", "Government Digital Governance Decision: Battle The paper preaching of the papers of slight cooperation and the spread of policies, and listened to the suggestions of the participating scholars, and conducted questioning exchanges.

    Policy Scholars to preach

    Teachers and students discuss and comment

    Activity site

           The event ended successfully in a warm atmosphere, and was unanimously recognized by the participating scholars.

           Scholars of Public Policy Scholars Salon is a series of activities launched by political and public policies. This event invited 5 scholars in the Public Policy Institute to share the latest research papers, cover multiple topics, and explore theoretical and methodology of public policy and governance research through academic exchanges., Discuss the possibility of cross -integration and research cooperation in disciplines, and strengthen the research of teachers in related fields in the college further internationalization.

    Supply 丨 Institute of Politics and Public Policy

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