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      New Gansu · Daily Gansu.com reporter Li Ping Wang Ziyi Wang Yuchen

      Chicken legs,最新新闻 potatoes, rice ... At 6:30 pm on December 20, Qi Faju received a nutritious and abundant box lunch from the Temporary Service established by Ji Shishan County Post Branch in Dayu Square. The family ate in a warm tent.Dinner.

      After the earthquake, the office building of the postal branch of Jishi Mountain County was cracking and could not work.In order to ensure the smoothness of the logistics channel, the Jaishiyama County Post Branch was set up in Dayu Plaza on the morning of the 19thStanding at work point.

      Residents near Dayu Plaza are picking up express delivery.

      "At the beginning, we only built a tent, mainly for work. After the stove in the tent was burned, there were successors to ask if they could come in to warm up. After the provincial company learned about the situation, the tent was mobilized for the first time.Materials and other materials such as stoves decided to temporarily build a service point in Dayu Plaza to facilitate the masses to warm up overnight. "Xu Zhigao, manager of the marketing department of Linxiazhou Post Branch, said.

      Jishishan County Post Branch has set up a temporary post office in Dayu Square.

      After Qi Fa learned that the Post settled the temporary resettlement point in the square, he rushed with the family.He said, "Postal is really intimate, not only does we live, but also solve three meals a day."

      Up to now, Ji Shishan County Post Branch has set up a total of 13 tents in Dayu Plaza, distributed more than 1,800 meals, and sent care and care for the affected people as soon as possible.Xu Zhigao said, "We still set up a temporary post office at the service point to ensure the need for residents near the square to send express delivery."

      Jishishan County Post Branch set up a disaster relief tent in Dayu Plaza.

      People's Postal Post is the people.It is understood that at night when the earthquake occurred, the temperature of Ji Shishan County, Xiazhou, Linxia reached minus 14 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature during the day was less than 5 degrees Celsius, and the cold supplies were the lack of scarce.There are more than 2,500 cold -proof emergency supplies such as fire stoves, cotton coats, quilts, food and drugs, and more than 600 people in the affected people, and deploy 24 postal large tonnage vehicles.Actively undertake the provincial disaster relief materials reserve management center and Linxiazhou Commercial Bureau for more than 40 tons of cotton clothing transportation tasks.

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