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[转帖] Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China has signed 48 climate change documents with 39 "Belt and Road" countries

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    China Youth Daily Client,hot topic website Beijing, December 20 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network trainee reporter Zhao Anqi reporter Chen Xiaoru) Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated at a regular press conference this afternoon that the construction of the Green Silk Road is the "Belt and One Belt"The important content of "high -quality development along the way shows strong vitality and momentum.As of last month, China has signed 48 climate change documents with 39 joint -built countries. It has more than 30 co -construction countries including Ethiopia, Pakistan, Samoa, Chile, Egypt, and has carried out more than 70 slowing down sumsAdapting to climate change projects, a number of low -carbon demonstration areas have been jointly constructed.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.Pictures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    China clearly proposed to build the Green Silk Road many years ago and take a series of related measures.In this regard, Wang Wenbin said that the construction of the Green Silk Road, as an important part of the high -quality development of the “Belt and Road”, conforms to the global trend of green and low -carbon development.The continuous development agenda provides experience and path, showing strong vitality and kinetic energy.

    Wang Wenbin introduced that in the past 10 years, China has successively released policy documents such as strengthening the environmental management of overseas projects, promoting the green development of the “Belt and Road”, promoting international cooperation in green energy, and no longer built overseas coal power projects.Key task.China has also jointly launched the "Belt and Road" green development partnership initiative, the "Belt and Road" green investment principles, established the "Belt and Road" Green Development International Alliance, and established a green exchange and cooperation platform to continuously unite international consensus.

    Wang Wenbin said that China has also trained tens of thousands of environmental and climate professional talents for hundreds of developing countries through the Green Silk Road Messenger Program.A number of iconic projects such as the China -EU trains, the Mongolian Railway, the Chinese and Lao Railway, the Qingshan Industrial Park in Indonesia, and the Laos Vientiane Tower Low Carbon Demonstration Zone, are widely integrated into the green concept and green technology, effectively helping energy conservation and environmental protection reduction, and obtaining the along the line.The people's widespread praise.

    Wang Wenbin pointed out that in the future, China will continue to firmly follow the Chinese -style modern path that harmoniously coexist with nature, and work together to build a "Belt and Road" country, plant high -quality green background, and use high standards to benefit people's livelihood and sustainable sustainability as a high standard.Goal, continuously improve the level of green development cooperation, expand the space for green development cooperation, promote international cooperation in climate change, and protect the common earth home of human beings.

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