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[转帖] Kim Jong-un emphasized that North Korea's "verification of nuclear" position 2023-12-21 15:13:19 Source: Xinhua News Agency reported on the 21st that the General Secretary of the North Korean Labor Pa

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      The突发新闻 Chaozhong News Agency reported on the 21st that Kim Jong-un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party and Chairman of the State Chairman, met on the 20th when he participated in the "Mars Artillery-18" intercontinental ballistic missile launch training for launch training.Implement nuclear strikes.

      Kim Jong -un said that the missile launch training shows the loyalty and firm position of North Korea's armed forces on safeguarding national sovereignty, and shows that if the enemy provokes the DPRK, it will not hesitate to implement an offensive response method.

      Kim Jong -un also said that with the actual ability of the enemy to be afraid, no matter where the enemy can implement the leader's attack and maintain the situation of the war, we can have real defense forces and maintain long -term peace.

      In addition, according to the North Korean Society, Kim, Deputy Minister of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party issued a conversation with Zheng on the 21st, and pointed out that the Security Council held a period of North Korea ’s nuclear issue recently that the US and its designed military threats to follow the forces to follow the Korean Peninsula and the Korean Peninsula andThe security environment in Northeast Asia is constantly pushing into the vortex of conflict conflicts.

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