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[转帖] The portal website of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation focuses on the basis of the world's largest land anchor.

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    On December 28,全球资讯 2023, with the completion of the last second phase of the steel cage slot section, the world's largest land anchor infrastructure has made breakthrough progress.Completed, this huge "underground castle" was initially embarrassed.

    The Zhangjing Embarrers Yangtze River Bridge is connected to Suzhou, Taizhou and Nantong, Jiangsu, with a total length of about 30 kilometers.The across river section is 7859 meters in length, including the two and north channel bridges, as well as the introduction of bridges: South, Central, and North.Among them, the South Channel Bridge span the Yangtze River Main River Channel, and uses a cable span to (660+2300+1220) meters, and the two span hanging cable bridges with (2300+717) meters (2300+717) meters are currently the world's largest span bridge.The south anchor of the South Channel Bridge is the foundation of the world's largest land anchor. It is 110.05 meters long, 75.05 meters wide, and 83 meters deep, which is equivalent to 20 basketball courts, 28 floors, high volume, depth deep, depth deep, depth deep, High accuracy and new craftsmanship, can be regarded as the "unmanned area" that connects to the wall construction, and many craftsmanship can be followed.

    Dripping stone stones, "Dungeon Castle" initial prototype

    As the "big scale" of the suspension bridge "stabilizing the horse", the anchor has the role of anchoring the entire main cable. Construction is essential.In order to ensure that the anchor's weight is stable while the entire bridge weight, the southway bridge southern anchor rotation structure is the foundation of the wall anchor, so that the walls can take into account the temporary support and permanent force structure.The function, 47 rectangular "mouth", is surrounded by many "small ground connecting walls" that are not interactive and intertwined, and forms multiple cabin structures that are sinking in the structure, and have the structure characteristics of the sinking anchor.

    Building such a huge "underground castle" is entirely aquatic mill. There are 162 groove sections in the south anchor.The rises, positioning, and decentralization of the cage all affect the heartstrings of the on -site construction operator.On November 19, 2022, the first slot section of the wall of the wall was slotted, which lasted more than a year. Under this land of about 12 acres, more than 300 builders, after night, poured an anchor on the wall and the wall concrete about 150,000.Fang, 22,000 tons of steel bars in the second phase of the groove, 18,000 tons of the first phase of the steel box, relying on a root binding, the transportation of the car, the hook with a hook, through the "zero crushing", the dense equipment and personnel of the personnel and personnel,Investment, "Dungeon Castle" was initially prototype.

    Overcoming difficulties, ultra -long slot sections break the traditional specifications

    Aiming at the world's first support and rotary structure composite wall new structure and multiple steel mesh pads connecting rigid connectors. The innovation of the project construction team adopts a new process of "three grooves, one, one slot and two cages", that is, one by oneThe slot section and the two secondary slot sections have been formed once to form a long groove section, and then two overall steel cages are placed, and 6 sets of pipes are poured simultaneously.There are 18 pieces of three grooves, with a maximum length of 15.1 meters in a single groove section.

    In early December 2022, in order to reduce the safety risk of lifting, shorten the construction period, and improve the quality of construction, the project construction team first proposed the concept of "three slots and one". Within 8 months, the Jiangsu Provincial Transportation Engineering Construction Bureau Zhang Jingzhang Yangtze River BridgeThe construction headquarters also discussed several projects and experts in the design, director office, China Communications Second Airlines bureau project team and experts to ensure the stability of the groove wall of the ultra -long groove section, the safety of the lifting of the ultra -long reinforced cage, and the super generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generous generosity.The pouring quality of the groove section conducts the analysis and judgment of the whole process, full -scale, and full elements of the whole process, and simultaneously conducts tests such as sulfate pouring soil slurry test, "three grooves and one" new rigid connecting anti -bending test, etc., which verify the "three threeThe reliability of the "construction and structure of" construction and structure has laid a solid foundation for the smooth construction of the "three slots and one" slot section.

    On August 8, 2023, the first section of the "three slots and one" slot section of the wall was connected to the wall, which lasted for 128 days.During the construction process, monitoring and monitoring methods such as full -time slot wall displacement data monitoring, multi -section of the entire section of the whole section, the vertical data detection of the verticality data of the full -scale lifting, and the multi -point concrete data acquisition methods were guaranteed to ensure the "three slot combined one combination of one combination and one"The slot was completed smoothly.The successful implementation of the "Three Tanks and One" slot section not only reduces the safety risk of ground wall construction, but also improves the overall quality of the wall structure, and saves a 90 -day work period.

    Digital wisdom technical, let the underground construction "open your eyes"

    In the south anchor super -deep, the wall requires that the verticality of the groove must be controlled within 1/800, that is, dug a rectangular pit with 1.5 meters wide, 4 to 15 meters long, and 83 meters deep.More than 10 cm.Just like on the top of the 30th floor, operate large equipment and easily grab a watch on the ground.

    During the construction process, the project construction team adopted digital twin technology to independently develop a two -wheel milling auxiliary decision -making system. Through the "intelligent brain", the whole factor control of the formation of the groove is used to upgrade the contact formula tank detector.Use contact probes instead of ultrasonic probes. The branches on the probe can be stuck on the groove wall like a paw, so as to use mechanical contact monitoring groove wall shapes to achieve diligent and diligence and rectification, and ensure that the wall of the wall is ultra -long and ultra -long groove section.Construction accuracy; developing control systems with "sensor+connecting workers+hydraulic mechanisms" as the core, which can realize the lifting posture and relative position monitoring of steel boxes and reinforced cages.You can also detect and adjust the verticality of the steel box in the process of the steel box in the groove of the steel box, so as to realize the "visible, controllable, measured, and adjustable" during the joint installation process to ensure that the steel box and the steel cage are highly accurate accuracyEntering the groove; combined with virtual construction technology, aggregating multi -dimensional data, based on BIM technology and GIS technology, build a digital intellectual platform, accurately restore the real -time situation of the construction site, and achieve the wall into a groove, steel box and steel cage, concrete pouring, etc.The virtual simulation of the process makes the underground construction no longer "invisible".

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