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[转帖] Cross -border payment platform explores convenient foreign trade and finance

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    Li Yisen,List of information websites chairman of Hebei Ovison Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has been the African export trade for more than ten years.Like many small and medium -sized business owners engaged in exports, she often faces difficulties such as cross -border trade collection.She introduced: "In the past, many African buyers told us that when they were about to pay, we couldn't get a US dollar in the near future. Usually we had to pay directly to our domestic bank card by relying on the 'channel'.Facing the "frozen card" situation. "

    It is understood that during the process of expanding the emerging markets such as small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises, some countries or regions have problems such as US dollar shortages and large exchange rate fluctuations. Buyers will even pay or settle money through non -formal exchange institutions or black market transactions.It is not uncommon for foreign trade's bank cards to be frozen.

    In order to solve the dilemma of cross -border collection and exchange of small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises, in recent years, domestic cross -border payment platforms have continued to explore.Taking a one -stop foreign trade enterprise cross -border financial and risk control service platform XTRANSFER as an example, the company has successively launched local collection services in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia since this year.As a loyal user of XTRANSFER, Li Yisen said: "Under the wave of digitalization, compliance and efficient cross -border payment has become an indispensable service in our cross -border trade with emerging markets such as Africa."

    Relevant person in charge of XTRANSFER said that in order to meet the needs of small and medium -sized enterprises to expand emerging markets, the platform launched local collection services covering Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions this year, which greatly improved the turnover efficiency of trade capital.Buyers do not need to run a bank or worry about the exchange amount without US dollars. They can use local currency to pay online. The account will be available as soon as possible, and there is no intermediate bank handling fee.Buyer's local currency exchange rate fluctuates too much caused by losses.

    Why can the cross -border payment platform solve the trade settlement of small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises?

    The above -mentioned person in charge of XTRANSFER told reporters that the risk awareness of small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises restricted by the organization configuration is relatively weak, the miniaturization and fragmentation trends of foreign trade orders are superimposed.Essence"XTRANSFER conducted corporate portrait analysis through different behavioral characteristics such as information flow, logistics, and capital flow for small and medium -sized export companies in different industries.Alert, supplemented by manual intervention and expert verification, and building an anti -money laundering barrier. "The person in charge said.

    In the process, the continuous upgrading of the risk control system is particularly important. To ensure that on the basis of cross -border transaction security compliance, it also brings a more convenient experience to small and medium -sized enterprises.As early as this year, XTRANSFER has undergone a number of facilitation upgrades, including non -associated orders, transferred cards to exempt business materials, etc."Removal of related orders" services allow small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises to receive most of the low -risk receivables in the accounting session, no need to create and associate orders, and no materials are required.Through the measure of "transfer of cards without submitting business materials", when small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises use the transfer function, most of the transfer card information of the transfer card only needs to provide the bank account information of the supplier or service provider.Behind the upgrade is the strengthening of data analysis and new technology applications in XTRARANSFER. Targeting risk control strategies to ensure that its risk control capabilities are always high levels, and enterprises enjoy more convenient services.

    At present, XTRANSFER is continuously increasing the research and development investment of AI and other technologies, continuously iterating risk control capabilities, so that the majority of small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises have obtained convenient payment and financial services under the premise of compliance.At the same time, XTRANSFER's international service is also rapidly expanding. "At present, XTRANSFER has served more than a thousand overseas trading companies, and tens of thousands of companies are consulting and opening services. In the future, buyers and sellers around the world will share the XTRANSFER platform.Extreme convenience, "said the above -mentioned person in charge of the platform.

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      Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, December 20 (Reporter Kang Yi Zhang Zhaoqing) Economic and Finance Minister of EU member states held a video conference on the 20th to reach an agreement on the reform of fiscal rules.

      It is reported that the new rules have proposed more progressive and targeted reduction requirements, and appropriately relax the period of compliance. It aims to focus on reducing deficits and debt while supporting public investment in EU member states in the preferred field.

      French Minister of Finance Lemal welcomed the agreement reaching the agreement and believed that the reform of the fiscal rules acknowledged the importance of investment and structural reform.

      German Finance Minister Lindona said in social media that new fiscal rules are more pragmatic and effective, "combining deficits and debt ratio with incentive measures for investment and structural reforms."

      The EU's rotating chairman of the Spanish Economic Secretary Karvinho also stated at a press conference after the video conference that the new rules are more realistic, respond to the reality of the post -epidemic era, and learn from the lessons in the financial crisis.

      According to the EU "Stability and Growth Convention", the annual fiscal deficit of EU member states must not exceed 3%of its GDP (GDP), and public debt must not exceed 60%of GDP.In the context of weak economic recovery, a number of member states have called for reforms of EU financial rules and giving countries greater flexibility and space.Affected by the new crown epidemic and the conflict of Russia and Ukraine, the EU has suspended the implementation of the Convention on Stability and Growth.

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    In the past two years, due to the frequent frequent weather, global consumers' attention to sustainable development has increased significantly.To this end, Bain released the "Global Sustainable Development Report" for the first time through investigations with 23,000 consumers.The report shows that with the increasing attention of environmental issues, global consumers are willing to pay a certain percentage of premiums for environmental protection products.However, this ratio that consumers are willing to bear must have a certain gap compared with the current premium level of environmental products they are currently on sale.

    For example, American consumers are willing to pay an average of 11%premium for products that have less environmental influence.However, in the United States, the average premium of environmental protection products is as high as 28%.Bain's research also found that consumers are willing to pay 15%to 20%of commodity premiums in the rapidly growing markets such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and China.In contrast, consumers in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France are only willing to pay 8%to 10%of the product premium.

    Zou Juan, the global partner of Bain, chairman of the Energy Transformation Business of Greater China, and Chairman of Sustainable Development Business, said that external factors such as government regulations and policies have a great impact on the market.China has provided fiscal subsidies for electric vehicles since 2009. Today, 19%of Chinese consumers have stated that they are driving electric vehicles, and globally, this proportion is only 8%.In the UK, since the government began to charge retailers in 2015, the use of one -time plastic bags in supermarkets has fallen by 98%.

    According to Zou Juan, from the global perspective, 48%of consumers will consider the use of products when thinking about environmental protection.They are more concerned about how products are reused, durable, and how to reduce waste as much as possible.In contrast, most enterprises sell environmentally friendly products based on product production methods, natural ingredients and agricultural practice.This approach makes many consumers confuse "environmental protection products" with "high -end products".Under the dislocation of this demand and selling point, consumers in nearly half of developed markets believe that the cost of environmental protection methods is too high.In contrast, about 35%of the rapid growth market holds the view.

    The survey also found that 50%of consumers said that sustainable development is one of their top four shopping standards, but they may also make a purchase decision under the wrong cognition.For example, when asked which carbon emissions were higher in the two products, 75%of consumers judged that they were wrong or said they did not know.Consumers said that they mainly rely on label and certification information to distinguish environmental protection products. However, most people cannot accurately describe the meaning of common sustainable identification such as organic production or fair trade.In addition, the lack of trust in enterprises also makes the problem more complicated: only 28%of consumers believe that large enterprises will produce real environmental products, and consumers of independent small companies account for 45%.

    Liu Yang, a global expert in Bain, said: "Looking forward to the future, the trend of sustainable development and changes in consumer behavior will have a profound impact on many industries and enterprises.Spirit to cope with the relevant challenges in the field of sustainable development. "

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

    The reporter learned from the Ministry of Commerce that in November, the competent commercial departments at all levels conscientiously implemented the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, actively organized a series of activities of the "2023 Consumption Promotion Year", and continued to promote the implementation of various consumer policies and measures, consumption consumption, consumptionThe market presentation has accelerated.

      The person in charge of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Ministry of Commerce talks about the situation of my country's consumer market in November from four aspects.

      The first is that the consumer market continues to recover.The total retail sales of social consumer goods in November was 4.25 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.1%year-on-year, and the growth rate increased by 2.5 percentage points from October.From January to October, 0.3 percentage points were accelerated.In November, the retail sales of urban and rural consumer goods were 3.65 trillion yuan and 597.5 billion yuan, respectively, a year -on -year increase of 10.0%and 10.4%, and the growth rates accelerated by 2.6 and 1.5 percentage points respectively from the previous month.

      Second, the growth rate of product sales has accelerated.In November, the retail sales of commodities increased by 8.0%year -on -year, a 1.5 percentage point accelerated from last month.The growth rate of upgraded goods consumption has accelerated, and the retail sales of communication equipment, automobiles, and gold and silver jewelry above the limit increased by 16.8%, 14.7%, and 10.7%year -on -year, respectively.The sales of new energy vehicles increased by 30%year -on -year, accounting for 34.5%of the sales of new vehicles.

      The third is that service consumption has rebounded significantly.In November, catering revenue was 558 billion yuan, an increase of 25.8%year -on -year; the box office revenue of the movie was 1.68 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of nearly two times.From January to November, the retail sales of service increased by 19.5%year-on-year, and the growth rate accelerated by 0.5 percentage points from January to October.

      Fourth, online consumption increased rapidly.From January to November, the online retail sales of 1.396 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.0%year-on-year; of which the online retail sales of the physical goods were 1.1.77 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.3%, accounting for 27.5%of the total retail sales of consumer goods, eating, wearing, and using categoriesCommodities increased by 12.0%, 9.2%and 7.5%year -on -year.In November, the number of express delivery business exceeded 13 billion pieces, an increase of about 32%year -on -year.

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

    The Ernst & Young Daxi China (hereinafter referred to as Es about Ernst & Young) on December 18th, the "Essean China Institute of FY2023, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report" showed that in fiscal 2023, Ernst & Young was strengthening climate governance, fulfilling social responsibilities, attaching importance to attention, attaching importance to attentionPractice the concept of sustainable development in many aspects such as talent development. By grasping the demand advantages of China's oversized market, a complete supply advantage of supporting the industrial system, a large number of high -quality workers and entrepreneurs' talent advantages, contributing to the realization of Chinese -style modernization of Chinese -style modernizationEssence

    According to the report, Ernst & Young has always incorporated the risks and opportunities of climate change into the overall development strategy, and insisted on the goal commitment of "net zero emissions" in 2025.In terms of green and low -carbon practice, Ernst & Young has achieved a lot of results: In fiscal 2023, it reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 82.15 tons of carbon dioxide through green office and resource conservation, which is equivalent to planting 4564 trees.

    Chen Kai, chairman of Ernst & Young China and CEO of Greater China, said that practicing ESG concepts and promoting green sustainable development have become the mission of the times.Ernst & Young is committed to investing in business decarburization services and solutions to help customers achieve profit -making on the prerequisite for profit, and provides technical support for other sustainable development challenges and opportunities.

    The report shows that Ernstaka ’s business lines are actively promoting services and tool innovation in the field of sustainable development, involving many teams such as audit, strategic and transaction consulting, taxation, and financial services.Taking the 3060 carbon management system 2.0 launched this year as an example, the system upgrades the original system from the five major dimensions of the five major dimensions such as the diversification of scenes, operating standardization, data visualization, process automation, and filling in intelligence, creating digital, full -cycle, and full -linkingCarbon neutralization solutions, through the advantages of digital technology in carbon neutralizing consulting services, help enterprises improve ESG management levels.

    At the same time, the carbon calculation applied on the ESG palm is also one of the scientific and technological innovation achievements of Ernstone in the field of green low -carbon sustainable development.Carbon calculators are mobile -end products developed by enterprises and personal customers in combination with corporate application practice and the needs of low -carbon operations of the whole people. They aim to create more convenient, diverse and intelligent carbon application scenarios.

    In addition, Ernst & Young also incorporated environmental, social and governance factors into procurement decisions, established the principle of sustainable supply chain management guidance, and reduced the adverse effects of the purchased products throughout the life cycle.According to the report, the principle of sustainable supply chain management guidance includes "according to the possibility of potential effects and the possibility of occurrence, follow the ESG effects and risks related to category, products or services" "Considering the purchase that can be reused, recovered or reused (local)"Commodities and infrastructure" "" strengthen ESG responsibilities and moral behaviors in the entire supply chain ".In view of this, the number of suppliers in the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macau in fiscal 2023 reached 643, and local suppliers' procurement expenditure accounted for 100%, and the performance contract performance rate remained 100%continuously.

    In the opinion of Li Jing, the financial service climate change and sustainable development partner and the director of the ESG Management Office, in order to create, improve and continue business value, in addition to pursuing economic benefits and profit growth, companies need to consider how to meet the interests of shareholders' interests.The needs and expectations of more stakeholders cannot stop at key financial indicators and profit performance. Instead, the perspective needs to be converted. By creating a valuable ecosystem, the environmental sustainability, employee participation, multi -party collaborative cooperation, and far -reaching far -reaching far -reaching far -reachingSocial influence and financial performance together are used as indicators to measure success.

    "As an important investment decision indicator, the ESG concept has become an international consensus." Bi Shunjie, the partner of the business supervisor of the Ernst & Young Da China District, said that Ernst & Young hopes to bring together knowledge and strength of all parties.The platform is the road to actively explore innovation, green, and high -quality sustainable development.

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

      [Global Times Reporter Liu Yang Ding Yazang] Recently, the annual Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting deeply analyzed the current economic situation and systematically deployed economic work in 2024 to ensure that the economy was stable and sustainable.Earlier, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) raised the growth of China's GDP (GDP) this year from 5%in October to 5.4%.The Chief representative of the IMF station in China, Steven Bante, recently accepted an exclusive interview with the Global Times reporter to share his views on the key policy measures adopted by the Central Economic Work Conference and the performance of the Chinese economy in 2023 and 2024.He said that family consumption and green transformation will be the main driving force for China's economic growth in 2024, and the Chinese economy will bring a gratifying booster to the global economy.

      Global Times: How do you think of the 2024 Chinese economic policy mentioned in the recent Chinese Central Economic Work Conference?Do you think these policies and measures will continue to promote China's economic recovery?

      Banat: I think the following two close -related policies will be the key to affecting China's economic performance in the future.

      One is to promote the stable transition of the real estate industry towards the new development model.In the past year, the Chinese government has introduced many measures to support the real estate market.Looking forward to the future, implementing a comprehensive package policy may make the adjustment process smoother.I think the key points may include further promoting the reasonable withdrawal of developers and protecting the interests of home buyers.These measures help restore the market's confidence in the real estate industry.

      The other is to implement supportive macroeconomic policies.China has policy space to ensure economic recovery and offset the economic cost of real estate adjustment.In terms of finance, further supporting family consumption can boost the economy while reducing the financial burden.These measures may include supporting low -income families and strengthening social security networks.

      In terms of monetary policy, I think that through interest rate cuts to further relax the monetary policy, it will provide more support for economic growth.

      Global Times: What do you think of the growth of the Chinese economy next year?

      Banat: The key to economic growth lies in quality.By increasing productivity, increasing household consumption, and sustainable growth model of green economy, it is a high -quality growth.In early November, we predict that the Chinese economy will maintain a good growth in 2024.

      Global Times: What are your evaluations of China's economy in 2023?

      Banat: Based on the third quarter economic data and the recently announced fiscal stimulus plan, we have recently raised China's economic growth forecast this year from 5%to 5.4%.

      Based on this growth rate, China will contribute about 1/3 of global economic growth in 2023.Our research also shows that the rapid growth of China's economy will have a positive spillover effect on other parts of the world.Each increase of China's economy will increase the output level of other economies by an average of 0.3%.

      Global Times: In 2023, China adopted a series of policy measures to improve the business environment and stabilize foreign trade.How do you evaluate China's efforts in this regard?

      Bante: China has developed rapidly in industries such as electric vehicles and green technology.The strong growth of these industries helps to support economic growth in the case of continuous adjustment of the real estate market.In fact, China is in a global leading position in photovoltaic equipment and electric vehicles.However, compared with the real estate industry, the scale of these emerging industries is still small.Therefore, in order to support future economic growth, we also need to make a wide range of foundations and conducive to market reforms to ensure the effective allocation of resources and promote productivity growth.

      Throughout the world economy, economic integration has made billions of people wealthy, healthier, and received higher education.However, global trade tensions have been increasing recently.Our research shows that in the long run, the cost of trade fragmentation may be as high as 7%of global GDP.

      We believe that what the world needs is not division, but that trade has once again become an engine to promote economic growth.Countries around the world should cancel destructive trade restrictions and distorted subsidies implemented in recent years.China is strengthening the multilateral trading system and continues to play a key role in various initiatives of the WTO.China's efforts to restore the WTO dispute resolution mechanism are being welcomed internationally internationally.

      Global Times: Under multiple pressures, China continued to promote industrial transformation and upgrading in 2023.What do you think of China to promote high -quality economic development?What are the biggest highlights and potentials of China's economy?

      Bante: I think that through coordination and consistent reforms, China can achieve a higher level and more tough economic growth, which is beneficial to the global economy.

      Our estimation shows that by 2037, a comprehensive reform plan aimed at improving productivity can further improve China's GDP level.This will help China maintain a significant contribution to global growth in the future.At the same time, the high -speed growth of China's economy will also benefit other countries, especially Asian countries that have close trade with China.

      Global Times: What are your expectations for the world economy in 2024?How much will China's economy contribute to the growth of world economic growth?

      Bante: In our latest global prediction (released in October), the IMF chief economist said that the global economy is hobbing.This year's world economic growth rate is expected to drop from 3.5%last year to 3.0%and next year to 2.9%.In the 20 years before the new crown epidemic outbreak, the global average growth rate was 3.8%.The decline in growth is evidence that the global economy is "hobbing."A series of economic shocks brought by the new crown epidemic have caused major trauma to the world. The trauma experienced by the more fragile economies is usually the worst.It is expected that the GDP performance of the economy in low -income development will be more than 6%lower than our expectations before the epidemic.In contrast, the performance of developed economies is significantly better than the developing economy.This highlights that the global economic recovery is both slow and unbalanced.The international community must work together to support the recovery of low -income and fragile economies.

      Last month, we raised the forecast of China's economic growth in 2024.According to new forecasts, by 2024, China will also contribute about 1/3 of global economic growth.

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

    In recent years, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port has continued to flourish.More than 180 policy documents represented by "zero tariffs, low tax rates, minimalist tax systems" and "trade investment liberalization" have been taken into effect successively;When it becomes the unique achievement of Hainan's unique innovation, minimalist approval becomes a national benchmark; Hainan has fully launched the operation preparation of the sealing operation of the island, and the 31 closed hardware projects will be completed at the end of this year ... Hainan Free Trade Port will startWhat are the current construction of the island? What are the current construction?

    Chen Bo, a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and dean of the Optics Valley Free Trade Research Institute, recently said at the 2023 Sanya · Finance International Forum that first of all, it was further open and developing in trade."The development of Hainan's trade should focus on the model and content. The model focuses on the development of offshore trade, and the content of the service should be developed more. The most critical in offshore trade is service level and service capabilities."

    Secondly, Hainan Free Trade Port must strengthen international cooperation in the digital economy.Chen Bo said that the future economic development model must be a digital economy, which is a new challenge for the world."But this challenge is of great significance to us, because who has the right to speak in international economic and trade cooperation in the future, and who has formulated relevant rules will occupy a favorable position in future economic development and international economic and trade cooperation.Great breakthrough space. "

    Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, said that cross -border e -commerce is an important area for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. It can also drive the development of other cross -border services, such as logistics and cross -border electronic payment."The development of cross -border e -commerce logistics is the key. Cross -border logistics of the Free Trade Port depends on the cross -border financial services, cross -border asset management services and cross -border new digital platform services behind it."

    "Hainan is an international free trade port. If it focuses on trade, it will not be able to achieve 'freedom'." Zhou Chengjun, director of the Institute of Finance of the People's Bank of China, said that behind the realization of trade liberalizationLiberalization of liberalization, liberalization support for funds.Hainan should do more things in achieving high financial openness, such as further opening up capital accounts, attracting more global multinational companies to put capital management centers in Hainan.Many multinational companies now put global capital management centers in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York, etc. Because they sometimes involve the control of capital accounts in the Mainland, but Hong Kong is expensive, and the cost of lawyers and accounting firms is also high., London and New York are involved in problems such as differences and safety, and Hainan is a good choice.

    Third, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port in terms of investment facilitation and market openness must be further improved.Chen Bo pointed out that the major difference between the free trade zone and the free trade port is that the free trade zone has the task of replication and promotion, that is, the policy implemented in the free trade zone will be replicated and promoted to the whole country in the future, and the free trade port must be targeted at the highest international open standards for the standard international opening.EssenceIn the next step, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port needs to realize the admission camp from the negative list to the quasi -camp after the negative list. "The negative list must realize the national treatment before access.Really implemented. In addition, the current negative list also lacks specific open content in the service industry and specific regulations in digital economic and trade cooperation. These require Hainan Free Trade Port to break through innovation. "

    Finally, Hainan will continue to optimize the business environment.Chen Bo believes that from the perspective of an enterprise, it is necessary to provide various convenient services for the life cycle of the enterprise, and to achieve fairness, justice, transparency, and efficient during the service process, continuously improve the attractiveness of Hainan Free Trade Port to enterprises to enterprises to enterprises.Essence

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

      Recently, many overseas institutions and people have expressed their optimism in China's economic situation in 2024.Many foreign institutions believe that with the release of a series of positive signals such as residents' income growth, consumption recovery, corporate profit improvement, and continuous advancement of economic transformation and upgrading, China's economy is expected to continue to rise next year.

      Mike Waldel, CEO of the British Z/Yen consulting company, said that many investment from the Middle East is flowing to China."The Gulf State believes that the establishment of a firm relationship with China is in line with their interests. China is a huge economy, and they want to participate in it."

      According to the South China Morning Post, Willie Walsh, the chairman of the International Aviation Transport Association, recently said at the association's Geneva headquarters that industry institutions predict that China's outbound travel demand will be further restored next year."Since the reopening of China’ s outbound tour earlier this year, its recovery is quite strong, which is why we are optimistic about the future. "Walsh said.

      The British "Financial Times" reported that the global mining enterprise Lito Group was full of confidence in the continuous recovery of Chinese manufacturing activities.Shi Daocheng, CEO of Rio Tinto Group, said that China's infrastructure and automotive industry are "very prosperous" and have strong demand. "We have seen this in the market. I believe this is not a short -term phenomenon."

      The United States "New York Times" reported that the German Volkswagen Group is overseeing in China. China is the world's largest automotive market and the company's largest market.Volkswagen's goal is to catch up with the speed and efficiency of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers.

      Ni Yili, chairman of McKinsey China, told Xinhua News Agency reporters a few days ago that in the long run, the Chinese economy will maintain a stable and high -quality growth. "We are very optimistic about the (China) economic environment and market opportunities."

      Zhao Guangbin, a senior economist in PricewaterhouseCoopers, believes that with a series of policies and measures adopted by the government and the growth of private sector investment, China's economic growth is expected to exceed this year in 2024.

      According to US Consumer News and Business Channels, JP Morgan Chase analysts said recently that the Chinese economy will continue to recover better next year.

      "A series of policies launched by the Chinese government have begun to achieve results. For investors, there will be a lot of investment opportunities next year." Asset management company Fidelity International Macro and Strategic Asset allocation will be allocated by Global Salman Ahmad.Essence

      Heiden Brisco, head of the Hong Kong Asset Management Department of UBS asset management, said UBS is increasing corporate shares in industries such as artificial intelligence and energy in China, looking forward to profit from it.

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

    "The background of this year's Central Economic Work Conference is very different from the past three years." On December 19, Wang Yiming, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said at the China Macro Economic Forum (CMF) macroeconomic hot economic hot issue.The Central Economic Work Conference in 2020 proposed "promoting sustainable economic recovery and high -quality development", and in 2021, "focusing on stabilizing the macroeconomic market", 2022 proposed "promoting the overall improvement of economic operation", this year's Central Economic Work Conference mentioned "consolidation of consolidationAnd enhance the economic recovery to a good situation. "This shows that the Chinese economy has entered a track of trend recovery.

    The Central Economic Work Conference this year's "Must adhere to high -quality development as a hard -to -dos in the new era" and "must plan to further comprehensively deepen major reform measures to promote high -quality development and accelerate the continuous injecting of strong driving forces in Chinese -style modernization."Wang Yiming believes that this is a strategic judgment on the basis of in -depth analysis of the new historical conditions and stages of my country's development in China, comprehensively understand and grasp the practice of Chinese modernization construction and the laws of modernization of various countries, and The reason "is in the same vein and keeps pace with the times, calibrating the new orientation of China's economic development, and also emphasized that high -quality development is the basis and key to solve all problems in China in the new era.The motivation of this development comes from reform, which also clarifies the basic path of achieving high -quality development in the new era.

    The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that "we must persist in steady progress, advance in promotion, and make breakthroughs next year."This reflects the moderate increase in macro policies next year. my country's policy space still exists, and it is conditional to implement fiscal and monetary policies." Wang Yiming said that it is mainly manifested in the low level of debt in the central government. Compared with the major economies, the leverage ratio is low. This is to appropriately increase the debt level of the central government, arrange moderate -scale deficits, arrange a moderate scale in central budget investment, central transfer payment, and implement the structural tax reduction policy policy creation created. condition."From the perspective of monetary policy, our level of price is also relatively low. In addition, the pace of the Fed's interest rate hike has stopped, which also provides space for monetary policy."

    According to the positioning of the central economic work policy, what are the expectations of the economy next year?Wang Yiming said that the three aspects of "effectively strengthening economic vitality, preventing risks, and improving social expectations" are the focus of consolidating and enhancing economic recovery to good situation.

    The private economy is an important part of my country's socio -economic.Wang Yiming emphasized that the most important thing to enhance economic vitality is to enhance the vitality of the market. It is particularly important to stimulate the enthusiasm of private enterprises and the private economy in the current situation.Since the beginning of this year, the central government has introduced relevant policy documents to promote the development of the private economy, which shows that the central government attaches great importance to stimulating the vitality of the private economy.The key to the next step is to implement the policy, including further liberalization of market access, encourage and attract more private capital to participate in the construction of major national projects and key industrial chain supply chain projects.In addition, it is necessary to effectively respond to the concerns of private enterprises, protect the rights and interests of private entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, and implement a group of iconic measures in market access, element acquisition, fair law enforcement, and rights protection of rights and interests, enhance the confidence of private entrepreneurs, let them allow themInnovation and entrepreneurship, constantly renewing the vitality of the opportunity.

    "Optimisticly, the Chinese economy will achieve a 5%growth rate next year." Wang Yiming said that there will be many new growth points next year, including technological innovation will activate new industrial formats and models, strategic emerging industries, future industries, and traditional industriesReconstruction and upgrade stimulates new kinetic energy.In addition, the changes in urban structure brought about by high -end elements to cities, the huge space brought about by the rapid development of the productive service industry, and the new growth momentum brought about by the green transformation.Gathering increases.

    Editor in charge: Ge Yan

    In the first 10 months of this year, the number of domestic and foreign trade integrated operations in industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 4.7%year -on -year; the domestic and foreign trade rules systems were further connected, and the international standard conversion rate exceeded 80%;The reporter learned from the routine hair drying meeting held by the State Council recently held by the State Council that China ’s foreign trade integrated development is continuously accelerating.

    Sheng Qiuping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to accelerating the development of integrated domestic and foreign trade.The work system is continuously improved.At the departmental level, the establishment mechanism is coordinated.22 units including the Ministry of Commerce have established a mechanism for promoting the integrated development department of the domestic and foreign trade. In 2022, it implemented 15 aspects such as the connection between domestic and foreign trade laws and regulations, regulatory systems, business qualifications, quality standards, inspection and quarantine, certification and recognition.The work measures have achieved good results.At the local level, the central land linkages the pilot.Together with the 13 departments, we jointly carried out the pilot work of the integration of domestic and foreign trade. Since this year, 9 pilot areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, and XinjiangInstitutional connection and other aspects are actively innovating, and try first.

    Zhou Qiang, director of the Department of Market Construction of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced that in the past year, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments guided nine pilot areas, focusing on pilot goals, clarifying pilot tasks, courageous innovation and bold practice, and achieved preliminary results.

    The first is that the working mechanism is continuously improved.All localities formulate pilot plans, refine work measures, establish cross -departmental work mechanisms, and strengthen coordination and linkage.For example, Shanghai will closely integrate the pilot of domestic and foreign trade integration with the construction of the international trade center cities and the international consumer center cities.Xinjiang will promote the development of the integrated trade of domestic and foreign trade into the "China (Xinjiang) Pilot Zone General Plan for the Free Trade Zone", and report to the State Council to officially issue it.Hunan will incorporate the pilot work in the province's economic system reform task list, and establish a think tank cooperation mechanism with universities and research institutions.

    The second is to advance the key tasks.Focusing on the key tasks of cultivating the integrated operating entities of domestic and foreign trade, building docking and exchange platforms, and promoting industrial integration and development, effective measures are taken in depth.For example, Zhejiang has cumulatively cultivated 827 groups of domestic and foreign trade integrated enterprises, and 84 pilot industrial bases in the integrated reform of domestic and foreign trade.Jiangsu determined that the trade -oriented, production, and platform -type 175 175 pilot units of domestic and foreign trade were integrated to strengthen the cultivation of tracking services.

    The third is that the results of innovation have emerged initially.Strengthen reform and innovation in various places, and actively carry out institutional mechanism innovation and development model innovation.The Ministry of Commerce is also collecting and organizing innovative experiences and practices in various places. For example, Beijing relies on the construction of service trade innovation and development demonstration zones to explore a new paradigm for the integration and development of digital trade internal and foreign trade, and use digital technology to promote the cooperation of domestic and foreign trade.In combination with the innovation of the system of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, Hunan summarized a number of special experience cases. Among them, 8 experiences such as the export inspection, certification and recognition, and safety assessment standards were established in the province.

    Fourth, the development environment is obviously optimized.All localities actively optimize the development environment of domestic and foreign trade, improve the level of public services, and stimulate market vitality.For example, Shanghai has promoted convenient measures in key areas such as bonded zones, compressed customs clearance time, and unblock domestic sales channels.Guangdong establishes a standard development cooperation mechanism for the development of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, expand the list of "Bay Area Standards", and continuously improve the level of the three places systems, rules, and standard docking.Ningbo actively develops domestic trade and credit insurance and helps foreign trade enterprises integrate into a dual cycle. In the first half of 2023, China Credit Insurance Ningbo Branch supported the total overall insurance amount of domestic and foreign trade exceeding $ 20 billion.

    "In order to better play the role of demonstration, in 2023, the Ministry of Commerce selected a number of domestic and foreign trade integrated leading enterprises across the country. Pilot areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chongqing and other pilot areas are also actively carrying out 'leaders'' ''Wait for the cultivation of integrated domestic and foreign trade enterprises to guide and support enterprises to improve domestic and international business capabilities and achieve smooth switching of the two markets. "Zhou Qiang said.

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