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[转帖] When the long wind breaks the waves, love Pingshanhai | The "New Star Cup" basketball game is successfully concluded

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    Original title: When the long wind breaks the waves,Popular information websites love Pingshanhai | The "New Star Cup" basketball game is successfully concluded

    The autumn leaves are falling, and winter snow is not coming. The changing weather in Hangzhou cannot stop the fiery heart of the law of the law loves basketball.The rising autumn leaves exhibition cash yellow, laughing in the "New Star Cup" basketball game in the Law School in November.

    This new star cup is set upMen's entire audience 5V5andWomen's halftime 3V3While competing, it is also set upMen's three -point competitionEssenceWhile enhancing the fun of the game, you do not forget to retain the competitiveness of basketball, so that everyone in the law school fully feels the competitive spirit and fun of the group movement of basketball.

    Men's three -point competition

    The three -point competition gathers, heroes and heroes come out, and dragons fight for tigers, which are dazzling.SophomicKingThe players played well, and Curry attached to it, winning the first fifteenth and nine.Other players are not willing to show weakness, fist, and look at it. In the fierce competition, in the beautiful three -point arc, the second and third are decided.

    Women's halftime 3V3

    Women's halftime 3V3Do not let the eyebrows, a total of three teams.Few quantity can't stop them from spraying as thin as fire. In the northern field where Ginkgo flies, the junior and senior teams are heroic heroic, and they defeat their graduate students.spark.The golden age, the golden sun, the golden ginkgo, and the golden light shine by showing the women's school womenStrength and charmEssence

    Men's entire audience 5V5

    Men's entire audience 5V5It is the focus of all eyes, and the basketball atmosphere of the law school has always been strong.The students of our college actively sign up and actively participate, form a freshman,Sophomores, junior, graduate students four teams.After ten years of grinding a sword, the frost blade has never tried.At the same time in the college game"friendship first, competition later"The purpose of. With great enthusiasm and great fun, basketball exchanges have enriched everyone's basketball experience, improved everyone's basketball level, and enriched everyone's spare time.The waves were exhausted, and the results of the game were decided.postgraduateWith superb strengthWin first, Senior, Sophomores, and Senior Two are tied for second.

    Although the Star Cup Basketball Game has ended, the hearts of the laws of law love basketball have never dissipated.We believe that basketball is the best tool for bringing health, joy and progress to everyone.Everyone's love for basketball has made us know each other, thank everyone for their efforts, and thank everyone for their trust.He hops to love the mountains and the sea, and the long wind will be broken.IntersectionLet basketball be our eternal and unforgettable memory pearl this fall.

    Photo | Law School Student Union

    Capture | Xia Yino

    Final Appeal | Bao Xun, Che Shihan

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