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[转帖] The community of Lianyungang has opened a Huimin Restaurant to solve the difficulty of broadcasting articles for the elderly at home.

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    This 高速资讯article is transferred from: People's Daily client

    Recently, the Huimin Bai Sui Restaurant in Hailian Community, Xinhai Street, Haizhou District, Lianyungang City officially opened.It is understood that in order to solve the problem of "dinner difficult" in the jurisdiction, the elderly can meet the convenient, comfortable, and preferential dining needs of the elderly.The Hailian community introduces the Central Canteen to transform the original community canteen. From the careful design of basic decoration, internal facilities, service management, etc., after more than four months of preparation, Huimin Bai Sui Restaurant came into being, so that residents in the jurisdiction can be used to eatEnjoy "Happiness"

    △ Huimin Restaurant opened

    The reporter saw in the interview that the restaurant can provide early dinner, nutritional matching, and take into account the taste of residents to create high -quality dishes.In addition, Huimin Bai Sui Restaurant will continue to pursue progress and development, and is committed to providing diverse and distinctive food, and a comfortable dining experience.

    "Usually, children are not at home, they are troublesome to cook alone, and the amount is not easy to control. It is convenient to come to the community cafeteria. Rich dishes, preferential prices, healthy and hygienic, and can eat and chat with old friends here.. "Aunt Xu, 68 -year -old resident.

    △ A resident is picking dishes

    One dish and one soup warm people's livelihood, one porridge, one meal, warm people's heart.The Huimin Bai Sui Restaurant in the Hailian Community maintains 10 different types of dishes every day. The price of the elderly over 60 years of age can enjoy a 85 % discount.The restaurant can provide morning and middle and dinner. The nutritional matching of meat and vegetables, less oil, less salt, soft and delicious, in line with the taste of the elderly.

    "Small restaurants, big people's livelihood. Next, our community will visit the households to investigate the feelings and suggestions of the elderly in the elderly, and continue to adjust according to everyone's requirements, continue to enrich the dishes, improve quality, optimize prices, and provide on -site delivery for elderly people with inconvenient actions.Meal service will carry out a more colorful convenience service activities around the characteristics of the restaurant. At the same time, the community will jointly control the safety and quality of food safety in combination with multiple departments and run a community restaurant with satisfaction of the residents. "

    Correspondent Zhang Qingling Liu Cong and Sun Haiyang Modern Express+reporter Wang Xiaoyu

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