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[转帖] The original is named for the city!Xinjiang Men's Basketball Caring for special groups in order to enhance the influence of the CBA brand

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    Original title: named the city!Xinjiang Men's Basketball Caring for special groups in order to enhance the influence of the CBA brand

    Thebreaking news website CBA League in the 2023/24 season is in full swing. As a top Chinese basketball top league that lasted nearly nine months, CBA has been deeply integrated into the lives of domestic basketball fans, and evolved from a pure arena to intoA big stage full of fireworks.Whether it is a club or every fan, you can find your own suitable role, and you can complete the wonderful drama.The Xinjiang team set out from the CBA purpose of "the name of the city" from the care of the special group of people, and call the CALL in order to enhance the influence and social value of the CBA brand.

    In the 15th round of the CBA league, the Xinjiang Ilit Men's Basketball Team was 93-89 at home to win the Jiangsu Ken Dia men's basketball. There was a group of special groups who came to the scene.Come on cheering.It is understood that they are 10 disabled fans from the 104th Regiment of the Twelfth Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. They are invited by Xinjiang Guanghui Basketball Club.Come to watch the game on the spot.In the midfield break of the competition, the club staff also invited the disabled people headed by Zhao Fang to the center of the venue and donated them to the Xinjiang men's basketball team signature jersey public welfare fund that had just auctioned the public welfare auction.people.

    Wang Yan, Assistant General Manager of Xinjiang Guanghui Basketball Club Co., Ltd., said in an interview, "Caring for disabled people has always been advocated and practiced by the club." And the players also want to use basketball to make a bridge to communicate, soEveryone in the whole society can appreciate the charm and passion of basketball.

    On the second day after the competition with the Jiangsu team, Wu Guanxi and Mi Aili, who had trained one day, went to the hospital to visit a small fans who were only 16 years old (Xiao Mingzhuang), although the temperature that day was the temperature that dayIt reached minus 20 degrees, but still unable to stop the two of them.Kou Junfan, born in 2007, suffered from meningoma when he was 3 years old, but still loved basketball.However, as the condition worsen, he is now shrouded in darkness, and he can only feel the changes in some light sources.This has also made the magnificent strength of the year gradually lost his expectations for life.At this time, the two Xinjiang team players Wu Guanxi and Mi Aili appeared.

    On the eve of the Zhuang Zhuang surgery, they came to the ward, encouraging him to be as brave as the Flying Tiger Men's Basketball Team, continued to fight against the illness, and choked the throat of destiny.Subsequently, the midfielder of the Xinjiang men's basketball team and the Guangdong men's basketball team, the host also shared the strong story to the audience and the good news of his successful operation.When the audience and the guys of the Flying Tiger Basketball Team shouted "Zhuang Zhuang, refuel", I believe that he will definitely be full of power in the bed.And this is what basketball and CBA should look like.

    The "name of the city" CBA has expanded the penetration between the fans and even larger groups, continuously enhanced the influence and social value of the CBA brand, and continued to establish a good social image of the CBA.Since then, the party has become simple and happy, so my hometown is no longer far away. There is love and hope here, and also accumulate the power that makes passion burst. It ignites your love and let the city shine because of it.

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