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[转帖] Minsheng Bank (01988) Shareholders of the shareholders of Pan Marine Group's 1.8 billion shares of the shares of the company's shares were waiting for frozen broadcast articles

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      【Comprehensive Market Overview】

      1. Market price:

      The独家资讯 price of Shanghai reinforced mesh this week has risen slightly. Compared with the price of last week, the price rose 10 yuan/ton. For details, please refer to the figure below:

      Figure 1: This week, the mainstream specifications of Shanghai reinforced mesh and the price of raw materials

      As of January 5th, the price of the CRB550-10 of the Shanghai reinforced mesh market was about 4480 yuan/ton, and some high-level resources were at 4650 yuan/ton.In normal interval.See the figure below for details:

      Figure 2: This week, the mainstream specifications of Shanghai reinforcement mesh

      2. Market conditions:

      The market situation this week has not improved significantly compared with last week.In terms of transactions, from the perspective of market research feedback, the market inquiry situation has been greatly reduced, and there are no orders with a large order volume. Most of them are accumulated in small and scattered small singles.Some of the processing manufacturers' small network orders are acceptable, and large net orders are scattered. Basically, the output of large network orders this week is maintained at about 100 tons. Most of the production lines of each processing plant have not reached saturated.The bidding shipment shows that the overall demand is very weak.

      【Market News Transmission】

      In 2024, in the face of more complex and severe external environment, insufficient domestic demand, and weak social expectations, the central bank has made it clear that the stable monetary policy must be flexible and moderate, accurate and effective.Supporting strength.In fact, the central bank has carried out support for key areas and weak links in advance.In December 2023, National Development Bank, China Import and Export Bank, and China Agricultural Development Bank had a net new mortgage supplementary loan (PSL) 350 billion yuan.This is also since the net new mortgage supplementary loan was added in February 2023, the mortgage supplementary loan was added again, and the capital was loose at the beginning of the New Year.However, the Minutes of the Federal Reserve's conference did not pass on a significant interest rate cut signal, which cooled the market emotions.

      【Summary of the Raw Materials Market】

      The price of raw materials fell slightly this week, and the weekly price fell 20 yuan/ton month -on -month.As of January 5th, the 010 plate snail was 4060 yuan/ton, a decrease of 20 yuan/ton last week; the ф10 high line was 4180 yuan/ton, a decrease of 20 yuan/ton last week;The month -on -month was temporarily unmoved.Specifically, this week is the first trading week after New Year's Day. There are only four trading days. There are the following characteristics.Within 4 days, the basis has expanded, and once exceeded 150 yuan/ton, reaching the psychological barrier of most operators. The current capital is particularly active in the first two trading days.Mainly, the resilience performance of the large factory resources is still stronger than that of small factories. When the snail index fell to the first 3970-3980 front-line pressure level on Friday, most of the small factory resources fell 3860.

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