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[转帖] Gathering CNS: The 11th President of Stanford University withdrew 4 papers in 4 months

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    Mark Tssey Lavne has been the president of Stanford University for nearly 7 years.

    Within 4 months,Emergency website Marc Tesser Lavigne, the 11th president of Stanford University, withdrew from the 4th paper.

    This is a papers that he retracted the papers of the CELL journal papers and 2 "Science" journal papers and 2 "Cell".The paper was published online on February 19, 2009 on the international academic journal "Nature".

    On December 18, 2023, the Journal of Nature issued a relevant withdrawal statement online.

    On December 18, 2023, the "Nature" journal issued a withdrawal statement online stating that Mark Tssey Lavne and other authors withdrew a paper.Among them, some images were reused, and related biological statistical calculations were found to be wrong.

    In addition, on the day of the 5th paper -Mark Tssey Ravier, the day of the local time on July 19, 2023, the 5th paper mentioned in the laboratory webpage announcement is also in the aforementioned "Nature NatureOn the day when the journal papers were withdrawn, the editorial department of "Nature" published the relevant "Editorial Expression" online.

    Because the school newspaper, The Stanford Daily, took the lead in making a difficulty, accusing Mark Tysier Lavne, which has academic misconduct such as tampering papers and pictures. After 8 months of review, July 19, 2023, 2023On the day of the review of the review report, Mark Tssey Lavini announced his resignation.But he will continue to be a lifelong professor of the school department of the school.

    He is an "star" expert in the field of Alzheimer's disease.The official website of Stanford University is introduced that Mark Tssey Lavini is a world leader in the field of brain development and repair research.His research focuses on the etiology and treatment of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, as well as the treatment of spinal cord injury.

    On December 18, the withdrawal statement issued by the "Nature" journal online stated that the authors withdrew the dissertation.Subsequent studies confirmed some of the views in the paper, and also showed that some of the conclusions of the dissertation involved were incorrect, especially the role of Capita Campase-3 (Caspase-3).A model of secreting enzyme activity and APP-DR6 interaction.

    The statement states that some other abnormalities have been found recently, such as Figure 1D and Figure 5E, supplementary data map 9C and supplementary information graphs 7C, and supplementary information chart 6D.There are errors in biological statistical calculations.

    The title of the dissertation is "Combination of APP and DR6, and the App Binds DR6 to Trigger Axon Pruning and Neuron Death Via Distinct Caspases is used through different cysteopase.Mark Tasier Lavne is the author of the paper.

    On December 18, the journal "Nature" also published "editing concerns" for another paper in Mark Tssey Ravine.The statement stated that "Readers remind readers that some data of the paper are proposed to have image integrity. A report submitted to the board of directors of Stanford University believes that this article reflects the evidence of the research data being manipulated. We have considered these issuesIt is found that the image of the top channel at the top and bottom panels of the supplement graph 2 seems to be repeated. Given the age of the paper, there is no enough information to finally evaluate how the relevant images are repeated.The data confirms the effectiveness of the data in Figure 2e. "

    The title of the dissertation is "The Netrin Receptor UNC5B Mediaters Guidance Events Controlling Morphogenes of the Vascular System", " Published online on the 27th.Mark Tasier Lavne is one of the two communications authors of the paper.

    Due to questioning such as image manipulation and image repeats, the 11th president of Stanford University Mark Tasier Ravine withdrew from the science journal papers.

    Three months ago, on August 31, local time, Mark Tssey Lavine's resignation was officially effective, and the international academic journal "Science" issued two almost the same withdrawal statements online:In terms of manipulation and image duplication, Laviene was proactively withdrawn as two research papers as communication authors.

    The international academic journal "Cell" (Cell "also issued a similar withdrawal statement online, a paper published 24 years ago.

    Links of relevant statements and papers:

    1. The dissertation of withdrawal: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature07767

    2. Withdrawal statement: https://www.nature.com/articleS/s41586-023-06943-3-3

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