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[转帖] 2023-12-20 car industry headline

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    1. [Four people escaped in a car accident,Hot news website Lantu Automobile emphasized road safety] Lantu car dealers issued a statement saying that they were pleased to escape safely in the car accident and promised to continue to build higher -quality carsAnd accompany users to deal with follow -up things, while reminding the public to pay attention to driving safety.

    2. [New electric coupe first test!The Eπ series was well received on the entire network] Eπ new electric coupe was returned in the first test, explaining the new shocking models and superior quality, and promoting Dongfeng Automobile to win more attention and praise.

    3. [Great Wall HI4 Performance Edition creates a new record in the extremely cold environment of -40 ° C] The newly released Great Wall HI4 greeted the extremely cold challenge with its excellent performance, proved that it was higher than the usual abrasion resistance and stability.A lot of praise.

    4. [The Qin family sales in November this year reached 42440, and the sales volume for ten consecutive years broke the new record] The Qin family sales were 4,2440 units, which became the pinnacle of sales after the last year and established its leadership in the car market.

    5. [Professional racing driver Jin Zhiyong: Slowly is fast] Jin Zhiyong racer said that in racing, the speed of the vehicle is reduced to the fastest curve to inspire us. The speed is not the ultimate goal, and the safety is important.

    6. [Trumpchi Technology solves the problem of winter charging, and is no longer affected by the environment] Chuanqi Technology has developed a multi -brand charging pile compatibility system, bringing a more convenient charging experience to electric vehicle users.

    7. [Popular Science: Battery radiation protection index is 100] In the 2023 China Automobile Health Index evaluation, the 500 Shuxiang version of the battery electromagnetic radiation items were fully divided, showing its excellent radiation protection capacity.

    8. [Great Wall Intelligent New Energy Off -Road King Reappell] No matter how bad the environment is, the Great Wall Motor Hi4 family can always show its strength, and the off -roads of minus 40 ° C can also easily cope.

    9. [BYD donated 10 million yuan to support the Gansu earthquake disaster area] BYD stated that it would donate 10 million yuan in cash to support the disaster relief work in the Gansu earthquake area, showing its good social responsibility.

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