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[转帖] Will extreme weather in the future be normalized?Ask the final quiz in 2023 -meteorological session

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    [# Will the extreme weather in the future be normalized#?Express information website# 3 2023# year -end series of Q & A -Meteorological Specialty] We will invite meteorological experts and scholars to participate in answers to analyze the future trend hidden in 2023.

    Let's take a look at the current situation!Since December of this year, the country has experienced the "roller coaster" type of temperature that has continued to be warm in the early stage and has been cooling in the later period.The average temperature nationwide from December 1st to 13th is higher than that of the same period of the same year. It is the highest in history. The temperature in Yunnan and Ningxia is the highest in history.However, from the 14th, due to the large -scale cold wave weather, the temperature dropped sharply in most areas across the country, and the maximum temperature of some national meteorological stations broke through the historical extreme value.#3 2023 ## Weibo New Zhi#

    The National Climate Center is expected to be winter (January to February 2024), East Asian winter wind intensity is generally weak. Except for the temperature in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang, most of Tibet, southern Qinghai, the temperature is lower than the same period of the year.The temperature is close to all year round, but the warmth is obvious, or the temperature is "roller coaster" again.

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