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[转帖] Rural Commercial Bank of Chuxiong City, Yunnan was fined 600,000 yuan. Because the management was not in place after the loan, the credit funds were diverted by a broadcast article

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    On December 25,热点资讯 2023, the Chuxiong Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration released the administrative penalty information.The management of his loan was not in place, and the credit funds were used for him; the employee behavior was not in place, and some employees violated the prohibited regulations.

    In accordance with Article 21, 46 of the People's Republic of China Banking Industry Supervision and Administration Law, and related business rules of related prudential business.Chuxiong Supervision Branch of the State Administration of Finance and Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration fined 600,000 yuan in rural commercial banks in Chuxiong City, Yunnan.The date for making a penalty decision is December 15, 2023.

    Article 21 of the "People's Republic of China Banking Supervision and Administration Law": The prudent business rules of the banking financial institutions shall be stipulated by laws and administrative regulations, and can also be formulated by the State Council's banking supervision and management institutions in accordance with laws and administrative regulations.The prudent business rules stipulated in the preceding paragraph include risk management, internal control, capital adequacy ratio, asset quality, loss reserve, concentrated risk, affiliated transactions, asset liquidity and other content.Banking financial institutions shall strictly abide by the rules of prudential business.

    Article 46 of the "People's Republic of China Banking Supervision and Management Law": The banking financial institution has one of the following circumstances.If the circumstances are particularly serious or do not corrected overdue, they may be ordered to suspend business or revoke their business licenses; if a crime is constituted, criminal liability is investigated according to law: who appointed directors and senior managers without qualifications;Inspection; those who provide false or concealment of important facts, reports, and information; those who fail to disclose information in accordance with regulations; those who seriously violate the rules of prudent business; refuse to implement measures stipulated in Article 37 of this Law.

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