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[转帖] French President Macron completely destroy Hamas's need for ten years. Israel must clarify the goal of war

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    Original title: French President Macron completely destroy Hamas's need for ten years,Express information website Israel must clarify the goal of war

    Recently, French President Emartel Macron said in an interview that it is necessary to completely destroy the Palestinian Islamic Islamic resistance (Hamas) may need a ten -year war.He emphasized that Israel needs to clarify his goals in the war to ensure the smooth progress of the war and the final victory.

    Macron said Hamas is an organization with strong terrorism, and its attack on Israel has seriously threatened Israel's security and stability.Therefore, it is necessary for Israel to take a decisive action to crack down on Hamas's core forces to prevent it from continuing to launch attack on Israel.However, Macron emphasized that this war cannot be limited to military operations, and it also needs to involve various aspects such as politics, economy and society.

    He suggested that Israel should cooperate with Palestinian power agencies and other regions to seek peaceful solutions.Only by solving the dispute through political means can we realize true peace and tranquility.In addition, Macron also called on the international community to support this effort to provide necessary assistance and support for Israel and Palestine to help them achieve peaceful coexistence.

    In short, Macron's point of view shows that it takes time and efforts to completely destroy Hamas, but it is impossible to solve the problem by military means alone.Only through comprehensive policies, including political, economic and social measures, can conflicts gradually eliminate conflicts and achieve peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

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