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[转帖] In 2023, Heze's "little things" broadcast articles about happiness

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    China News Service,moment information website Shanghai, January 5th (Daiqin Shi Hui Zhong Xiaodong) Recently, Shanghai continued to cover in the fog.In the early morning of January 4th, due to the influence of heavy fog weather, FM868 (Sabah-Pudong), CA848 (Gatwick-Pudong), MU282 (Ho Chi Minh-Pudong), and FM862 (Kuala Lumpur-Pudong-Pudong-Pudu Dong), MU5076 (Hanoi-Pudong), CA806 (Bangkok-Pudong), including 6 flights, have settled in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. This is the first large-scale concentrated flight of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport since Shanghai Enterprise Winter.

    The police at the Hongqiao Border Inspection Station are handling the inbound procedures for passengers for the preparation of flights.Yu Yuanlong Photo

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