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[转帖] In order to make the "silver -haired clan" better across the "digital gap", they do this ...

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    Original I Jinshan I Jinshan

    The高速资讯 recently released "Report on the Social Participation of the Society for the Elderly in the Wisdom" mentioned that my country's silver -haired group daily increased by 60%compared with 2020, of which the mobile Internet was used with map navigation, short video, comprehensive shopping and other mobile Internet. The application increased significantly, and the penetration rate in 2023 exceeded 55%.

    Behind the seemingly increasing number, is the elderly really "unobstructed" using smartphones?Are the aging design and services of various mobile Internet applications really enter the "heart" of the elderly?Take a look.

    Tao Juanfang, who lives in Jinyu Liangyuan, Zhujing Town, is 63 years old. Electric appliances, daily necessities, dog food, etc. are all the "warriors" she bought online.Tao Juanfang told reporters that although the smart phone brought her a lot of convenience and fun, "Old Flower Eyes" also caused a little obstacle to "surfing".

    Tao Juanfang

    I asked my daughter to help the font of the phone a little bigger, but some words were still very small and I couldn't see it clearly.

    According to the "Mobile Internet Application (APP) Application (APP) Settlement Specifications" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, when providing aging design, each company can embed the old version of the old version in the mobile Internet application or develop a separate suitable suitable suitable suitable suitableOld version and ensure sustainable operation of services.In this regard, the reporter and Tao Juanfang tried to open the "old model" of a mobile Internet application together.

    With the help of the reporter, Tao Juanfang switched to the "elderly mode" based on the operation process. Looking at the larger font and simple typesetting, Tao Juanfang was very satisfied, but the process of opening this model was not easy for her.

    Tao Juanfang

    Tong Yingding, who lives in Longwan Town, Shanyang Town, is an old man who lives alone. She is 71 years old and is also a senior user of a smartphone.Tong Yingdi said that although the smartphone was "interesting" and "useful", she also encountered all kinds of indispensable advertisements and harassing calls.

    Tong Yingdi

    Advertising is not practical to our elderly, we have to be real.

    Tong Yingdi

    And in the "Internet Website Specifies General Design Specifications" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is also mentioned that it provides web pages or independent aging websites for aging services. Advertising content and plug -in in the webpage are strictly prohibited.Advertising pop -up window.

    In addition to encountering various "traps" during the use of smartphones, Tong Ying's learning operation is not smooth. In addition to his continuous exploration, he is inseparable from the enthusiastic help of the staff of the neighborhood committee.

    Tong Yingdi

    The staff of the neighborhood committee will teach us. Sometimes it will be, but after a while I forget, I will not ask anyway, I will learn.

    As more and more "silver -haired" began to use smartphones, some neighborhood committees also set up training courses for the elderly using smartphones in a timely manner, and conducted publicity of preventing telecommunications network fraud.

    Xie Ruyi, staff member of the Jinhui Residence Committee of Zhujing Town

    Some apps are brought to the elderly version. Some residents do not know. When we come to the neighborhood committee and property, we will also guide them while informing them.

    According to the 52nd "China Internet Development Statistics Statistical Report" released by the China Internet Information Center, as of June 2023, nearly 140 million netizens over the age of 60, accounting for 13%.Experts said that the promotion of mobile Internet applications is still long -term.

    Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology of the School of Philosophy of Shanghai Normal University, Liu Qingzheng, deputy secretary -general of the Shanghai Society

    The designer of the mobile app must understand the needs and characteristics of the elderly, and design the app for their apps.And we should pay special attention to the development of the app. We must leave a port for the elderly to make them more accustomed to open the app. Someone can talk to him online and respond to the elderly at any time, so that the elderly feel more kind.

    The aging services of mobile Internet applications need to be continuously explored and improved to truly provide real convenience to the elderly.At the same time, the training of all kinds of elderly smartphones also urgently needs to be promoted, allowing the "silver -haired people" to better cross the "digital gap" and take the express train in the digital age.

    Reporter | Lu Yao Ni Yanqing

    Correspondent | Wu Junwei Liu Shihan

    Edit | Cheng Jiayu

    Original title: "In order to make the" silver -haired clan "better across the" digital gap ", they do this ..."

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