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[转帖] Cornerstone Pharmaceutical-B (02616) Affiliated and French Shiwei Ya Pharmaceutical Factory Establish an asset acquisition agreement

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    Zhitong Finance APP News,实时新闻 Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals-B (02616) issued an announcement, as an asset of the cornerstone Pharmaceutical Suzhou (the company's wholly-owned subsidiary) and the French ShiweiThe acquisition agreement, which stipulates (including) cornerstone will be sold and Shi Weiya will purchase the cornerstone Avici business and any of its goodwill (including transfer assets), with a cash cost of up to 50 million US dollars.While setting up an asset acquisition agreement, the cornerstone and Shi Weiya have entered into a transition plan agreement. Based on this, the cornerstone has promised to complete the transaction to provide several delivery products to Shi Weiya to realize the orderly transfer of the cornerstone Afunbu business.Essence

    It is reported that the transfer of assets to the cornerstone will be transferred to Shi Weiya's assets by the cornerstone according to the asset acquisition agreement, including but not limited to all inventory, intellectual property, standardized documents, customer lists, promotion materials, transfer contracts (in all situationsThe following asset acquisition agreements) and all other assets owned by the cornerstone or its affiliate (related to the Avinib or the cornerstone Avici business).

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