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[转帖] Reform of the State Institute of Meteorological Research Institute ③ China Institute of Drought Meteorological Research in Lanzhou Drought Meteorological Institute: Outstanding "practical application"

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      China Institute of Drought Meteorological Research (hereinafter referred to as the "Drought" in the Lanzhou Drought Meteorological Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Drought Institute") continued to promote the reform of key areas and key links this 爆炸资讯year, promoted the formation of a group of characteristic, influential reform and innovation results, and completed the "new one in the reform field of reform.jump".

      How to change it?How to change it?What does it change?It is the most direct, urgent and important issue facing reform.

      Thinking of Fang Yiyuan, moved and moved.The drought institutes have solicited the opinions and suggestions of experts from the China Meteorological Administration's Science and Technology and Climate Change Division, the Academic Committee of the Drought Institute, and other departments to formulate the reform plan and preparation work plan for the formulation of the drought under the guidance of the Gansu Provincial Meteorological Bureau.The high -quality development of the meteorological industry and the guidance of disaster prevention and mitigation of disaster prevention and disaster prevention. From the scientific layout, it has promoted reform.

      Gansu precipitation has the characteristics of uneven space -time distribution, strong land rain, strong extremes, etc., which can easily cause adverse effects on agricultural production.Each year, short -term heavy precipitation often has a great impact on Gansu, which is in a dry semi -arid area.So drought is the entry point. According to the "Control Table of the National Institute of Meteorological Scientific Research", combined with the reform goals and tasks, the original drought formation mechanism and drought monitoring and predictive technology, drought and land interaction and regional numerical model development will be developed., Three disciplines such as drought climate change and its influence, according to the overall layout of the development of a key advantageous discipline and the discipline of two characteristic areas, adjust it into a numerical model of the key technologies of the numerical mode.Technology and drought risks affect the disciplines of the characteristics of early warning and early warning technology, and turn the specific research content to "practical applications".

      Droughtment Forecast Innovation Team focuses on scientific research on the problem of data assimilation under complex terrain, improvement of land surface processization of land surface surfaces, and the impact of complex terrain in the model.Significantly improved.

      In the process of solving difficulties in the Northwest precipitation "inaccurate prediction and accurate strength forecast", the drought institutes continued to optimize the model, strengthened scientific and technological support, and provided "new kinetic energy" for first -line forecasting personnel to improve their business capabilities.

      In the field of science and technology research and development, in the context of the western wind circulation control of the drought, the atmosphere of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau-Glacier interaction research, clarify the impact of high-frequency assimilation of radar reflectivity data in the prediction of large-scale constraints and constraint variablesThe agricultural drought indicators of mechanisms, the new changes of the ecosystem and the water storage of land in the context of discovery of warm and humidity, the research on the dry and wetness of the soil based on one -dimensional models and the influence of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau on the afternoon of the Qinghai -Tibet PlateauThe progress of science and technology has achieved practical results.

      In terms of platforms and team construction, the Gansu Flying Weaven Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute was established and established by the Drought Institute. It is currently being prepared to build a climate change research center in the arid area.Work.At the same time, on the one hand, it attracts social talents and resources, focuses on meteorological fields and advantageous disciplines in the Northwest region, and focuses on the technical problems of catastrophic weather, wind energy development, drought monitoring and early warning, meteorological services, and ecological environment monitoring and evaluation.Settlement.On the other hand, adhere to independent innovation, coordinate the contract, scientific and efficient, and coordinated development, standardize the advanced level of climate change research in the international arid areas, cultivate high -level scientific and technological innovation talents, and improve the scientific and technological research and development capabilities and business service levels of the dry area.

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