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[转帖] How much is the value of 1 yuan in 1980?

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       Thehot topic websitere are three versions of one dollar notes in the fourth set of RMB. In 1980, 1 yuan was the highest value. 801 banknotes have high collection value and appreciation potential.

       On May 10, 1988, the People's Bank of China issued 1 yuan banknotes in 1980, with a ticket size of 140x63mm. It is Er Luo Eight Number. It is a continuous watermark of ancient money.The "1980" year is printed in the lower right corner, which is a blue magnetic thin body crown.In 1980, 1 yuan of banknotes stopped printing circulation very early. It can be said that it started when it was issued and circulated in 1990. It was earlier than the fourth set of other RMB vouchers.The earliest withdrawal from the earlier for more than 20 years.

       The fourth set of RMB delisted shortly. If you are interested in the collection of 1 yuan banknotes in 1980, this moment is the best time for collection.The collection value of 1 yuan banknotes in 1980 is worthy of recognition, so in the future, the market performance of 1 yuan banknotes in 1980 will be good.

    The fourth set of RMB face value, the fourth set of RMB recycling reference prices  

    In 1980, RMB 11,000 was 11,000 yuan            

    In 1980, RMB 2 of RMB 5/piece of 4 yuan/piece of 4 yuan/sheet bundle 3.8 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhang company number 3.5 yuan/piece  

    In 1980, RMB RMB 26,000            

    In 1980, 1 yuan for the whole piece of 10 yuan per piece/piece of 10 yuan/sheet 9 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhanglian number 8 yuan/piece  

    1 yuan in 1990, the whole piece of RMB 5/piece, 5 yuan/sheet, 4.5 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhanglian number 4 yuan/piece  

    In 1996, the whole piece of 1 yuan was 4.7 yuan/piece of 4.5 yuan/piece of 4 yuan/Zhang Baizhang number 4 yuan/piece  

    In 1980, 2 yuan for RMB 40 per piece/piece of 36 yuan/piece of 35 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhanglian number 34 yuan/piece  

    In 1990, 2 yuan for RMB 20/piece of 20 yuan/piece of 20 yuan/piece of 18 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhanglian number 16 yuan/piece  

    In 1980, RMB 5 yuan was 23 yuan/piece of 22 yuan/piece of 20 yuan/Zhang Bai Zhanglian number 20 yuan/piece  

    In 1980 10 yuan, the whole piece of RMB 40 per piece/piece of 40 yuan/sheet 36 yuan/Zhang Baizhang number 35 yuan/piece  

    In 1980, 50 yuan (500 yuan-1500 yuan) was bundled with a total of 2.2 million companies 200,000 consecutive numbers 200,000 consecutive numbers 200,000  

    In 1990 50 yuan (55 yuan-130 yuan), the whole bundle of about 160,000 hundred companies was 15,000 consecutive numbers 15,000 consecutive numbers.  

    In 1980, 100 yuan single (150 yuan-1,000 yuan) was bundled with a total of 1 million yuan, a hundred companies, 90,000, 90,000,  

    In 1990 100 yuan (101 yuan-130 yuan), the whole bundle of about 140,000 hundred companies was 14,000 consecutive numbers.  

    Commemorative banknotes: 280 yuan 280 yuan for the founding banknotes of the founding banknotes of about 27,000 numbers 27,000  

    Memorial banknotes: Olympic Games single 3600 hundred companies 350,000 consecutive numbers 350,000 consecutive numbers  

    Commemorative banknotes: Century Dragon Banknote Single 1700 bundles of 1.7 million yuan Hundred more than 160,000  

    Memorial banknotes: Aerospace banknotes 100500      

    Commemorative banknotes: 70th anniversary of the RMB, 80 bundles of 80, 80,000      

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