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[转帖] Liu Guoliang was questioned!The French complained that the bonuses are getting less and less!Guo Table Tennis Win, what is the foreign association play?

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      In the end of the WTT 20123 women's finals,热点资讯 Guoping won the semi -finals and became the biggest winner.The WTT 20124 schedule has been released. When the national table tennis people are looking forward to the future, foreign players have expressed their dissatisfaction.


      Recently, the French table tennis player Simon-Gadz has issued less and less bonuses in the table tennis competition. The prize money in the Macau Champions League in 2022 was $ 800,000, and the Frankfurt Championship in 2023 was 500,000 US dollars.The bonus is $ 300,000 ...


      Professional players have publicly questioned the tendency to gradually decline for the bonus of table tennis international competitions, which reflects their concerns about future wallets. After all, foreign table tennis players mainly make bonuses by playing games.The Table Tennis Federation Series has become the largest professional league under FIBS Federation. From the beginning of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation, they conceived to create a successful table tennis professional league. Now the level of bonuses has been decliningThe commercial operation capabilities were seriously overestimated.



      China National Table Tennis is a super ping -pong country. Basically, there is the main player of the national table tennis. The champion is probably locked by Fan Zhendong, Sun Yingsha and others.A successful professional league requires not only to ensure that the champion bonus is huge, but also allows all contestants to have meat to eat. Obviously, Simon Gogz and others may not even eat bone scum in the future.


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