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[转帖] The original sports technology list has continued to be updated, domestic Gabi is unique, Jiangsu and Zhejiang double stars may be appreciated by Cai Bin

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    Original title: The今日头条 sports technology list continues to be updated. Domestic Gabibi is unique.

    In a blink of an eye, the semi -finals of the 2023 Sports World Cup have quietly ended, and the two giants of Isaacbashi and Wakifer won each other.Next, these two teams will also start the final championship, and the host Tianjin Sports will compete for the third runner -up of the season with the beach sports.As for such results, it is naturally not surprising. Isaac Bashe and Wakifa are originally the top team of the European League. The strength is better and locks the top two.It is just that the experience of Tianjin Sports is sympathetic. If it is not for both Valgas and Yang Yi, they are absent, maybe there is really a chance.Of course, injuries are also part of competitive sports. I am afraid that Tianjin Sports can only wait until the next World Cup to get revenge.

    However, as the World Cup was close to the end, the first stage of our sports super league also entered the final stage, and the competition for the quarterfinals was basically coming to an end.The official website of the Pai Association immediately updated the latest technical statistics rankings, which caused heated discussion among fans.First of all, the total scoring list that has attracted much attention. Shenzhen Sports Foreign Aid Brack Jayovic first appeared at the top of the list. Her total score reached 227 points, only Bell 2 points ahead of the second place.From the 9th place in the previous round, it rose all the way to the first place today. Blacadevic has naturally made a lot of effort. He has not officially locked the top eight seats in Shenzhen Sports.Wait until the last round of Shenzhen and Jiangxi's consequences, to determine whether the efforts of Brackayvich have been in vain. It can be seen that the performance of the Shenzhen team is not ideal.

    Immediately after that, Zhonghui of Shanghai Sports scored 222 points in 13 rounds, only 5 points less than Brackevich.And in the serve, Zhong Hui is a stand -alone, scoring 25 times with 25 times, far ahead of other players.Even the serving efficiency list, Zhong Hui also ranked at the top of the list. It can be seen that Zhong Hui is known as the domestic Gabibi.Throughout the domestic volleyball, there are very few players who have a strong jump of Zhonghui. Even if they are as strong as Li Yingying, they are not more scored than Zhong Hui.It is conceivable that Zhong Hui's ability to serve is outstanding. She is indeed a rare comprehensive main attack. If it is not a limitation of height, Zhong Hui may have been able to see it with Li Yingying.It also makes people boo.

    But then again, Zhonghui is enough to play the domestic league. Whether Shanghai Sports can pull the Tianjin team this year depends entirely on the performance of Zhonghui and Brido.Come different surprises.Besides, Zhuang Yushan, who is fourth in the total emperor, has a total score of 219 points, which is quite prominent.The reason why Fujian Sports can advance to the quarterfinals, Zhuang Yushan is the number one hero, her future is not limited.As for the second place Ni Mengjie on the list, she can be regarded as a big surprise this year. Don't look at Zhejiang Sports have been eliminated early, but Ni Mengjie's performance is not bad at all.

    Ni Mengjie not only ranked 5th in the total score list, but also ranked second in the serve list. Even a passing efficiency list. Ni Mengjie also entered the top ten, enough to see how comprehensive Ni Mengjie's technology is.The performance of Zhejiang Sports was too bad. Ni Mengjie could only lament the hero's useless place, and she had to pin her hope next season.In addition to the two lists and scores, there were also surprises on the block list. Two new stars Zeng Jieya and Yang Jia in Zhejiang and Jiangsu were tied for the third place on the net list.Excellent performance.

    At least, compared with Yuan Xinzheng, Gao Yi, Wang Yuanyuan and Yang Hanyu and many other national players, Yang Jia and Zeng Jieya's blocked performance can be described as before.The two have shown the extraordinarily blocking strength, but they lack the experience of the competition. If they can be promoted by Cai Bin, they can sooner or later grow into a domestic first -class deputy attacker.Therefore, we also hope that in the next game, the two can make persistent efforts to play more exciting performance and bring different surprises!

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