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[转帖] Jaishiyama 6.2 magnitude earthquake 丨 Gansu will complete the emergency assessment of all house buildings in Jishi Mountain County within this week

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      Xinhua News Agency,实时新闻 Gansu Jishi Mountain, December 21. The reporter learned from the 6.2 magnitude earthquake press conference of Ji Shishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu, Gansu, in Gansu Province on the 21st.Emergency evaluation work, and guide the state and county housing construction departments based on the results of the investigation to prevent secondary disasters.

      It is understood that after the earthquake, more than 500 engineering and technical experts organized by the national, provincial, and state housing and construction departments, went to towns and towns in the disaster area to carry out the damage of house construction and municipal facilities, emergency assessment of house construction, municipal facilities rescueRepair and other work.As of 6:00 on the 21st, the preliminary investigation and evaluation of Jishi Mountain County Kindergarten, schools, and hospitals has been completed, and the emergency assessment of all houses in 19 villages in 2 towns in two towns and towns in two towns in Dahejia Town and Liuji Township, which have been affected.

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