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[转帖] Women's power is not unprepared?Four Taiwanese female politicians' election stories

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    Taiwan has the first female president and female legislative member of the Chinese world.The number is beautiful and the reality is not ideal.The new election is approaching. The Voice of Germany interviewed four candidates from different political parties and generations of female legislators. Listen to their personal stories and observations, and see what is unprecedented in gender issues in Taiwan?

    The subtropical island in December finally had a coldness, and the election campaign once every 4 years also entered the final countdown.On Christmas day, Taipei's sunlight, at the end of the year, the atmosphere of the festival gradually became stronger.Just after the campaign was over, Zeng Baiyu hurried to the interview place alone.

    "I am not suitable for candidates, but I have chosen so many times." Zeng Baiyu said: "I am an introvert, it is painful to contact me all the time, but I will choose ... because I don't haveWhat will be more painful to do something. "

    Zeng Baiyu, 32 years old, is not the first time that it has played a election campaign.The Sun Flower Xueyun was born into politics.A few years ago, the local parliamentary election was defeated. Later, the seats were submitted to the New Taipei City Councilor as a non -party member.

    "I was probably determined to do a social movement when I was in high school, that is, what I proposed as my life aspiration. When the sun flower (academic movement), I really had a tendency to melancholy.Participate in the second time of the movement of such a large social force ... I felt that the movement was very failed at that time, and I did not change a lot of things. I have achieved so few results in such a large social force, so at that time, I was at that time.Very frustrated. But later I felt that we still have to change some things, so I have been jump back and forth with politics at NGO. "

    This time, the Democratic Progressive Party's jersey, Zeng Baiyu became the first female legislator candidate launched by the party in the 11th constituency of New Taipei City.This constituency is called the "deepest blue" constituency in Taiwan, and the political territory has always been blue than green.Join the Great Party and put it into the legislator election campaign. As a female political worker, she said, "I feel very deep."

    "I used to participate in politics before. If you are a city member, there are fewer supporters you need. You can say that it is very progressive (topic). Your supporters are very homogeneous. They are gender.His consciousness is very high. But because I was recruited by the DPP this time, joined the DPP, and then entered a large, one -on -one election, it was a single seat, so you have to get widespread support.It is inevitable that your supporters are very traditional for gender concepts, and even your local colleagues. "Zeng Baiyu said.

    Zeng Baiyu's campaign team was a predecessor of the local party department. Even if he was senior, he did not know how to work with female politicians at first.

    "He said frankly to my husband -my gentleman is now my assistant -he said, he doesn’t know how to get along with me. For example, their previous emotional establishment model or the way everyone discussed isSmoke, open yellow cavity. I can also drink, but they will feel uncomfortable like I joining their wine stalls. "

    Even though the other party understands the respect of women and does not harass women, she is willing to recognize her professional and image. "But he doesn't know how to treat women's politicians or candidates for women, he doesn't know how to communicate with me something." Zeng Baiyu said.

    Earlier recruiting soldiers to buy horses to prepare for election campaigns, she also unexpectedly found that it was particularly difficult for women's grass -roots political workers to recruit. Eventually, nearly 10 campaign teams, only one woman joined.

    "Although female candidates are innovating high, the goal of young women is getting less and less .... My feeling is that the current political atmosphere is just ascended ... Obviously Cai Yingwen has been in power for 8 years, and she is trying to promoteIn the discourse, what she said was very gentle, but all the languages that were promoted from the government to the party were very masculine. " 

    This summer, the popular desk drama "Candidates -Creator" with political staff as the main character set off the Metoo campaign in Taiwan.And all sectors of society.The issue of sexual harassment is finally widely discussed by society, but the body line of the political field seems to be blurred.

    "I am very impressed with a peaceful dinner in a certain temple. It is a member of the toasting. He has been holding me, on my back, and then closer.We are all very polite, very polite, and not very directly scolded. My own aura is enough, so in fact, I rarely encounter such a situation. I am obviously pushing him, pulling him away, and flashing.Fart in a little bit, a member of the female came over and said: Ah, you are drunk, and the two or three women believers pull him to the side. "

    Zeng Baiyu believes that most of the time this is the way voters express their love and closeness. They may not really have an emotional intention, but sometimes she really makes her uncomfortable and harassed.In her personal observation, women and gay ethnic groups usually better aware of this situation.

    "When I chose it for the first time, everyone was very dish. At that time, everyone had just graduated from college. My assistants were just graduated from college. Two girls and two boys were gay men, but they were very special at that time.I think most of the middle -aged men, they can't recognize whether this boy is a male comrade. If it is not a particularly feminine, it is difficult for them to recognize whether he is different from me, so sometimes they run some places.Talk to my assistant. I am a candidate, but he doesn't know how to talk to me. But if you encounter some harassment or physical boundaries, in fact, gay men and girls will be more sensitive. "

    Zeng Baiyu continued: "Like my current assistant, the younger assistants are all boys. Most of them are heterosexual men. He will not notice that some supporters' body distance has made me uncomfortable.They make their eyes, they will: Oh, need to come. And sometimes they do not feel why I want to make my wink, and they do not find that he needs to rescue me, which is very young and has no experience, but that gap is actually actually the gap, but in fact, the gap is actually actuallyFeeling is quite impact. "

    After the Metoo wave, before the election campaign, the movement with a great volume of social voices had almost no election topic on the table.When it comes to changes brought by the movement, Zeng Baiyu believes that Taiwan is still at the stage where the victims must work hard to prove that they are hurt, and "cancel culture" does not exist.However, everything always starts.

    "Just like the social movement, you always have to have a wave to set off a wave. This wave may not finally go to the place you want to go, but because of this wave, you have stirred some things and changed some.People, changing something. There is absolutely no way to achieve the results you want. In culture, I think some people will feel that there are some changes. This is enough, then we can only accumulate slowly. "

    "I feel unfortunately, it is a pity that we may need a lot of victims to have a way to go there," she said.

    Taipei and Jinmen are about 300 kilometers away, and Chen Yuzhen shuttles the two places as if a day of life.I just arrived in Taipei before the interview, flew back to Golden Gate at noon the next day, and rushed back to Taipei to run on the evening of the same day.

    Chen Yuzhen, who is nicknamed "God of War", is a legislator candidate for the Kuomintang Golden Gate constituency. At the age of 50, she was born and grew up in Kinmen. In 2019, she became the first female legislators in Kinmen through re -election.

    At the front line of this front line, Chen Yuzhen often hangs "Golden Gate is the spirit of fighting".After entering the Legislative Yuan, she sometimes felt that this was another battlefield. "There is no male army and female army, only the enemy forces with our army." She said.

    Chen Yuzhen said that her personality is "masculine", and since childhood, there has been no so -called gender concept of men and women: "I may be raised as a worldly man from a young age, sometimes wearing a suit from a young age, and then helping to do things at home. Because I have many brothers and sisters, I have many brothers and sistersThe sisters are very thin, they can't do a relatively heavy job ... I have moved chicken, moving, or moving some hardware grocery. So I have not realized that I am a woman since I was a child.More vague. "

    Talking about the Taiwan METOO movement, Chen Yuzhen believes that more standards in Taiwan society often have different standards because of their gender.

    "You say this so -called Metoo, I think this is (it has an impact on society). In factThen I will not emphasize this thing in myself. Because you may have heard me, sometimes in the legislature conflict, sometimes it will be directly contacted. I said that I have never been different from men and women, because if a war, the Legislative Yuan is like a battlefield on the battlefield.There are no boys and girls on the battlefield. "

    She took the initiative to mention the controversy of "sexual harassment Jiang Wanan".In 2019, the Legislative Yuan of the Kuomintang Party was a personnel case of a Cup Ge. Jiang Wanan was on the podium. At that time, Chen Yuzhen hugged Jiang Wanan with both hands and lying on him. Some public opinion questioned her "sexual harassment Jiang Wanan".Chen Yuzhen denied and said, "In order to protect him, people say that I hug him because he is handsome. He often uses that good -looking and bad look in the society that determines that you are cheap or suffer."

    Chen Yuzhen's words and deeds in the past have caused controversy from time to time, but it is certain that in recent years, a considerable part of her news and comments focused on her appearance characteristics.

    For example, when this election campaign was just started, the Taiwanese artist "Chicken Steak Girl" (name Zheng Jiachun) was expected to represent the Democratic Island into the legislator election campaign.At that time, Zheng Jiachun responded: "Everywhere you are sent, you can go to Golden Gate." It is not afraid of challenging the "female war god" Chen Yuzhen.Writer Ku Ling commented on Facebook "Beauty Duel, Wonderful and Performance". As a result, many Taiwanese media focused on the criticism of the title on the Internet public opinion on the Internet.?? Beauty and beasts! "

    A few years ago, Chen Yuzhen cut off a long hair and changed the thick -frame glasses to wear contact lenses. Please also take care of the appearance team.Asked her, whether this was related to criticism of appearance, she denied and said that "these changes are actually for convenience", emphasizing that she does not care about others criticizing beauty and ugly.Chen Yuzhen said: "A person's strength is not on his appearance, not something on the scalp, but things in the scalp. I am very confident in myself."

    She also believes that although Kinmen is a traditional society, she has changed slowly after women like her in politics, especially at the cultural level.

    "In the past, ancestral ancestors were often called 'eating heads'. They gathered together to eat. There are often only men who can enter the ancestral temple, but I think women have changed after working in politics, because after I became a legislative memberYou can go in and participate in the ancestral sacrifice. "Chen Yuzhen said:" I am a legislature, so I have this public official status, they will respect me. "But she also acknowledged that the current situation of female politics in Taiwan is still not ideal.

    "We do give women a little more opportunity. After all, there are more men leaders on the table. This is a fact." As for gender characteristics, she believes that it is not the decisive factor in the battlefield of politics.

    "Everyone's style is different. My style is like this. People like me because of my masculine characteristics. Of course, my personality is straightforward.The accumulation of factors, personality, and environment and then character are not just a single thing. It is easy to say that femininity is easy. What is powerful? I think this will definitely not be a decisive factor. "She said.

    Promoting the agent's pregnant mother for nearly 30 years, this time it may be that Chen Zhaoxi closest to his dream to become true.

    58 -year -old Chen Zhaoxi was the pharmacist. He once served as the "Chen Shui -bian's Civil Medical Group convener". In his early years, she was committed to Taiwan's independence movement. She said that she had never wanted to follow politics.He was because Ke Wenzhe promised to promote the proxy of the agent to lift the ban.

    At the age of 15, Chen Zhaoxi found that Mrkh Syndrome, who was suffering from Mialer, has become a secret of adolescence.

    "I was in high school that I did not appear because I had menstruation. I was an eldest daughter, and my mother was very sensitive. My mother took me to check. As a result, I did not expect that I really found that I had a very complicated (symptom)." Chen Zhaoxiexplain.

    "When I was so young, I knew that I couldn't bred and had no way to have children. My mother probably was afraid that I was injured, and she talked to me -even if she had a good relationship with my father -people may not have to get married. Because in our years, marriage was to have children. Probably my in -laws could not allow a woman who could not have children to enter their house ... ... I took a health education course in high school, I don’t dare ...The squad leader is very active along the way, and his homework is also very good, but every time Health Education talks about this paragraph, I do not discuss with my classmates or have no response on the surface, because I have a secret in my heart.Will it be very troublesome, is it that in the end a woman who is infertile is qualified to love and get married? "

    Later, the gentleman, who was also a physician, pursued it.Chen Zhaozi opened the door and stepped into the marriage.

    "I came out to promote this agent's pregnant mother to lift the ban is actually my husband's request ... My gentleman saw a person who was the same as me in his clinic. She didn't read any books and graduated from elementary school.Life is probably a dead end. In fact, in the society in Taiwan, people who could not have children in that era, you said that she would not go wrong without the way. "

    In January 1996, Chen Zhaoxi began to publicize the "Artificial Reproductive Law" to modify it, hoping to promote the lifting of the agent for the lifting of the ban.Recalling the whole process, she remembers clearly.

    "For life, or to adopt children, or children with their own so -called blood, this is the option of major values in life. You must respect everyone. Isn't I the best demonstration? I am the best demonstration? I am the best demonstration?I adopted the child, but when I held a public hearing or a citizenship again and again, I actually adopted the child, but I still said the same. "

    He served as the director of the pharmacy department of the Hexinzhi Cancer Center Hospital, and the Guan Du scenery outside the floor -to -ceiling window of the hospital is often there, and life in the ward is impermanent.For decades, Chen Zhaoxi's desire for fertility was almost attached.The couple tried to "steal" in Taiwan for a while. They asked for surrogacy in private but they failed. In the end, they adopted a son as if they were out.

    "You have to give others options. Don't designate others. I think one of the characteristics of a democratic and happy society is to make people have options, that is, we have choices. We are not forcing everyone who has a pathogenic.No, this is not the case. "Chen Zhaoxi believes that this is a" human rights issue ", but there are still many controversies in Taiwan in Taiwan.

    In 2007, Taiwan passed the "Artificial Reproductive Law". At that time, the surrogacy was not regulated because of the large society's disappointment; on May 1, 2020, the DPP legislator Wu Bingrui proposed the draft amendment to the "Artificial Reproductive Law" to give the implementation of surrogacyThe legal basis for reproduction, the draft completes a reading procedure in the Legislative Yuan but has no follow -up.

    At the end of 2023, the Legislative Yuan discussed the law and revision again whether to open a single woman, gay gay reproductive rights, and the agent of pregnant mothers to lift the ban.Although there are no results this time, there are rumors that they are expected to be sent to the Executive Yuan for review in 2024, and all of them are open.During this election, the "Artificial Reproductive Law" also became one of the most discussion gender issues.

    Regarding the opening of this agent for pregnant mothers, some feminist groups believe that "hastily opening up" under the condition of incomplete systems and supporting measures may be due to economic and various social factors that cause oppression and exploitation of women.Chen Zhaoxi did not agree, but said that he was "actually a big feminist", and a little excitedly asked: "Do you know the key to the so -called toolization and materialization? It is autonomous. If I can be autonomous, I am not a tool... ... can I force who to help me get pregnant? If it wasn't for her 100 % voluntary. "

    Chen Zhaoxi seemed to have a great change in Taiwanese society for the 30 years when he sought an agent for the lifting of a pregnant mother.The concept of homosexual marriage is legalized, the crisis of declining childization, and the decoupling concept of marriage and childbirth is gradually looking up ... The society's demand and imagination for fertility and family is changing.Modifying the "Artificial Reproductive Law" has gradually become the consensus of many social groups.Who do it first?How to implement it?There are always controversy; from heterosexual couples, male comrades, gays, single women, to the medical community, legal community, etc., different groups have their own considerations.

    But Chen Zhaoxi believes that this road has been too long."I think it is a cruel thing to let a patient go to the Congress to supervise and promote the completion. But this is my great wish, so I promised Ke P (nicknamed Ke Wenzhe) this time."she says.

    From day to night to worship the ticket, even the members of the campaign team couldn't help laughing that Miao Boya's dark circles could not be covered.Miao Boya smiled humorously: "It must be eliminated by playing medical beauty."

    On the car from Taipei to Mie's platform for other candidates, a white -haired old woman suddenly stepped forward and leaned on the window of the car, holding a stack of NT $ in her hand, while saying that she had to donate a small amount to support Miao Boya, Ding Ding to eat well.

    Miao Boya, 36, is the first comrades in Taiwan to publicly come out.In 2018, he was elected as a member of the Taipei City as a member of the Social Democratic Party. He was re -elected at the end of 2022. This time, he intends to directly challenge the legislator election.I thought that Miao Boya's supporters were mostly young, but after a few years, many of them found that many of them were silver -haired elders.

    Ask him how to change?Miao Boya said: "There is a voice now: whether it is a boy or a girl, or a boy or a girl. This is not that important, just do things." Despite this, comrades still have unprecedented participation in politics.Attack weapons during the election campaign.

    A few weeks ago, Lin Guocheng, a candidate for the people's party, directly attacked Miao Boya: "I call his lady, but he disdains his lady", causing controversy.Miao Boya said: "People who do n’t like attacking my starting style will always be that you are not male or female. Until now I am 36 years old, I have been in politics for 9 years, and this is still the case."

    In the freshman year, Miao Boya went to the streets to participate in the gay march for the first time. Since then, he has entered the social movement. Comrades and gender equality have also become one of his core issues in politics.Publicly came out to participate in politics. Miao Boya said that she had one more level than ordinary politicians, that is, to overcome the stereotype: "General candidates introduce themselves to let everyone remember his name, his face, and at most one plus oneWho is he and what party is, but my self -introduction will cause a question: Do you ask first, are you a boy or a girl? "

    The identity of the comrades made him never fight for the support of specific ethnic groups.He said: "There is a group of voters who support same -sex marriage and because I support gay rights, so he will not vote for me, and he will never vote for me. This is political risk."Essence

    "Our colleagues in parliament are on the occasion of me, and they will not speak very fierce discrimination remarks, and this is why the importance of public figures coming out, or the importance of comrades who have public comrades' public opinion representativesIt is that his own existence is the way of discriminatory remarks in the palace of discussion. "

    Miao Boya said that in the past, there were also a few exaggerated discrimination and stereotypes in the Taipei City Council, but after he became a member of the members as a member of the conference room, he would not have such remarks in the conference room.Because I'm there. "

    In 2019, Taiwan was legalized through same -sex marriage and created Asia first. It hosts the largest gay march in Asia each year.In 2023, he adopted children with no bloodless children through marriage and expanded the scope of applicable to the same marriage. It incorporates homosexual partners in Hong Kong and Macau, but mainland China is still excluded.

    The Taiwanese authorities believe that this is based on the "national security" consideration, but the Taiwan partner rights and interests to promote the alliance Secretary -General Jian Zhijie believes that "the right to marry is the basic human rights". Although Taiwanese people are dissatisfied with Beijing's oppression in Taiwan, they should be treated separately.EssenceIf the general heterosexual partner can be processed and used, the gay partners cannot make it unreasonable.

    Regarding this sensitive issue, Miao Boya said that he also hopes that one day of the partner between Taiwan and China -whether it is same -sex partner or heterosexual partner -can be of the most fair treatment in law, but "unsteady, weThere is no way to ignore China's ambition to Taiwan's ambitions and daily increasing increasing things, so any of the population mobile policy about China will definitely involve whether there is any national security doubts. "

    "This is a self -protection method that any nation's country will take." Miao Boya, who focused on one of the main axis of national defense as the main axis, emphasized that she believes that in China that it has not given up force and swallowing Taiwan.Compare with other countries.He said that if he can move forward next year, compared with the applicable object of the integrated marriage on both sides of the strait, sexual education will be a issue that she is more committed to promoting.

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