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[转帖] BBS FI-R, the hollow forging performance circle that makes people cannot refuse | Cool Motors

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    China ’s Zero Chuangchuang,高速资讯 China’ s general generation, China ’s Zero Chuang, to ensure 100%genuine guarantee for the booking BBS rims ordered, and orderly order.

    Cool Music X China Zero Chuang (BBS Brand China General Generation) A large number of stocks are in library, high -end luxury model adaptation, world -class forging wheel products, genuine prices, uniform accessories, additional high -quality services and good prices of Coolle car friendsEssence

    When talking about the temperament of BBS, the temperament of Porsche, M4, and a performance car, presumably the answer, most of the time, must be-BBS FI-R.

    Under the circumstances of ultra -lightweight and extremely tough, you can continue to remove the spokes, and every detail is quite ... perfect, almost or difficult to imitate.evolution.

    It is not overwhelming, but the name of the name.

    Cool Music X China Zero Chuangchuang, the general agent of China, the genuine price, the spot in the library.

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    Cool Motors X China Zero Chuangchuang

    General Generation Cooperation |Genuine guarantee |Imported in Japan |Cool Music Quality

    # CLAUTO Cool Le official mall #

    # Bbs fi-r #

    # 911 GT3 RS / Turbo S#

    # TUNING Modification #

    The biggest feature of BBS JP's full series of forging quality is the spokes of the Y -style and the slight differences in changing. In addition to the higher price of entry -level levels, the price of top -level performance series is higher.

    However, the top -level BBS JP, some of which can be minimalist and strong in terms of performance. It continues to demand perfection in details and continues to innovate weight in quality.Essence

    BBS FI-R, one of the flagship-level BBS JP rims, BMW M, Audi R8 (parameter 丨 picture) and Porsche series exclusive.

    Sports full of driving experience and experience the ultimate function.

    While the wheels are strong, they do not at the expense of lightweight.

    This is the belief of BBS.It combines with innovative technology to create a "pure racing wheel".

    Formed the side of the spoke bars, and carried out hollow processing to pursue lightweight.

    It is the unremitting pursuit of performance that has made this bold creativity and reflects the ultimate functional beauty.

    ——BBS JP FI-R official introduction

    BBS FI-R, if you just look at the official introduction of BBS and the simple Y style of Y, you can not see the uniqueness of this rim, but if you look closely at the details of this rim, you will find a lot of surprises.Essence

    First of all, this rim uses a simple Y -shaped wheel spoke, 5 design, but this is a "pure rail rim" combined with innovative technology.

    The main use of this rim is the BMW M B, Audi R8 and Porsche's 911 and GT3/ RS, Turbo/ S and other models.

    Although the banner is slender, the intensity is extremely high, and the details are extremely perfect.

    The movement starts with 500 horsepower, the high G value of the starting brake cornering and the large torque of the instantaneous areas. If there is no sufficient strength and toughness, it will not dare to launch this FI-R easily.

    Secondly, when we look closely at the spokes of this rim, we will find that it is already on the spokes that were already slender enough. Not only did the paint and details of each side were extremely perfect, but we did everything that could be gently.

    Naturally, we naturally do n’t say much about the display of large caliper and brake discs, and the heat dissipation effect may be difficult to have a shoulder model.

    In addition, a large amount of data of this rim is paired with Porsche 911 and 911 GT3, so there are a large number of 5*130s and central lock styles.

    This kind of artistic level details, except for amazing words, are intangible segmentation at all.

    19 -inch is only 7.9kg, and the weight of 20 inches is only 8kg. With a nuts of extreme weight loss, it can be said that the quality of the lower spring is controlled to the extreme.

    # color

    In terms of color, the BBS JP's FI-R has three colors, which are--

    Diamond silver (DS)

    Diamond Black (DB)

    Duck black (MB)

    Diamond silver (DS)

    Diamond Black (DB)

    Duck black (MB)

    # Size and data

    The size data of FI-R is 19 inches to 21 inches, and the hole distance is 5*112/120/130. Basically, it is the main adaptation of the following models:

    • BMW M3 (F80) / M4 (F82)

    • Audi R8 (42 / 4s)

    • Porsche Macan Turbo

    • Porsche 991 GT3 & GT3 RS

    • Porsche 991 Turbo & Turbo S

    Among them, 21 -inch is Porsche 991 GT3 RS rear wheel data.

    If other models want to adapt this wheel, they may need to query the original data and make the corresponding "compromise".

    The most proud thing is the ultra-low weight of the FI-R. The lightest 19-inch is only 7.9kg, and the residence that can resist is 600 horsepower, and the torque of nearly a thousand NM.

    Not to mention, just appreciate the beautiful picture.

    If there is a BMW M or 911, Presumably Fi-R is probably the most suitable and the most handsome rim. It is a set of tens of thousands of dollars, a strong performance, the fried face value, and it seems that there is no shortage of shortcomings.

    If you want to say, there are too few adaptation models.

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    Cool Motors X China Zero Chuangchuang

    General Generation Cooperation |Genuine guarantee |Imported in Japan |Cool Music Quality

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