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[转帖] State Intellectual Property Office: Publishing articles on administrative ruling of 12 major patent infringement disputes

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      Chinanews.com,一手资讯 December 26. On the 26th, the National New Office held a routine briefing meeting of the State Council to introduce the relevant situation of the "Implementation Rules of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China".Zhang Zhicheng, director of the Intellectual Property Protection Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, said at the meeting that two batches of administrative rulings in two batches of 12 major patent infringement disputes have been concluded.

      At the meeting, a reporter asked that the implementation of the Patent Law was further refined on the relevant system of the increase in the increase of the new patent law. What are the arrangements in the rules of the patent administrative protection?What is the progress of related work?

      In this regard, Zhang Zhicheng said that patent administrative protection is an important part of my country's intellectual property protection system.The new patent law and implementation rules have made clear institutional arrangements on the administrative ruling of major patent infringement disputes and early resolution mechanisms for drug patent infringement disputes.Based on the functions of the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent administrative protection in related fields is strengthened in accordance with laws and regulations, and various tasks are conscientious.

      The first is to actively promote the administrative ruling of major patent infringement disputes.Implement the New Patent Law stipulates, print the "Administrative Rulings of major patent infringement disputes" and announcement of case acceptance, and carry out case handling.At present, two batches of administrative rulings for 12 major patent infringement disputes have been concluded.Among them, the first batch of cases involved in the field of drugs. The two parties fully demonstrated the attitude and determination of China's attitude and determination to create a good business environment in my country.The second batch of cases involves the field of information communication, and the two parties are well -known enterprises in the field.The State Intellectual Property Office has promoted the parties to reach an agreement on the basis of respecting intellectual property through administrative channels, efficiently set the dispute, promote mutual benefit and win -win, and provide new ideas for the effective maintenance of competitive order in related industries and properly resolve patent disputes.

      The second is to effectively implement the early solution mechanism for patent disputes.The State Intellectual Property Administration and the State Drug Administration jointly issued the "Implementation Measures for the Early Solutions of Drug Patent Disputes (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Measures").Release the "Administrative Ruling of the Early Solving Mechanism of Pharmaceutical Patent Disputes" and the announcement of the acceptance of the acceptance.As of the end of November this year, a total of 167 cases were accepted, 134 were reviewed, involving 39 varieties, and 98 companies involved in the case, of which more than 95%of the chemical drugs.At present, the average closing cycle is 168 days, which is far lower than the nine -month waiting period requirements stipulated in the "Implementation Measures".The establishment and implementation of the early resolution mechanism of drug patent disputes is not only conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of patent owners, stimulating the industrial innovation driving force, and promoting the high -quality development of the pharmaceutical industry.Sexuality to further protect people's health and public interests.

      The amendment of this detailed rules further clarified the patent management department's administrative ruling and administrative mediation authority on patent disputes and administrative mediation authority.It has strengthened the protection of law enforcement cases in relevant local departments, and has expanded the effective ways of patent holders to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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