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[转帖] What about "warm winter"?Why is it so cold?IntersectionState Climate Center Hardcore Science

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    One year and one year,一刻资讯 one year old is well -being.At 11:27 on December 22, Beijing time will usher in the winter solstice solar term. This is a cold season, and it is also a time to look at spring.The winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest day in the northern hemisphere.

    Since ancient times, the people of my country have "Nine Nine" customs. From the winter solstice, one "nine" every nine days, counting "Nine Nine" 81 days, commonly known as "Lian Winter Nine"."Nine Tori Peach Blossoms", "Out of Nine", the almost passed by the winter, and the warm spring is coming.Generally speaking, "three -nine four nine nine are not shot", which is the coldest period of the year, and the temperature in the next few days is even colder than "three nine" and "four nine".

    So, when will it be warmed?After these days, in the middle and late December, cold air activities were relatively weakened. Most of our country will enter the "heating channel", and the temperature of low temperature will be reversed.

    The question comes, isn't it predicted that this year is "warm winter"?Why is the cold air so strong?On the 20th, the National Climate Center carried out "hard core" popular science.

    Experts from the National Climate Center said that when it comes to the warmer of a certain year or a certain month, it is not determined by a single weather incident, but by comparing the average temperature of the whole period, whether it is significantly higher or lower than that of history.EssenceFor example, from November 3-7 this fall, a cold wave weather in most parts of my country appeared. During this period of time, the temperature was reduced, which was much lower than that of history. The highest, so it is "the warmest autumn".

    According to historical data statistics, in the context of El Nino, my country's winter temperature is generally warm, but the stage cold air activity is more frequent, which means that cold and cold ups and downs are obvious.

    However, the intensity of the cold air process is not only affected by El Nino, but also has a lot to do with the division of the Arctic vortex and the disturbance of the mid -high latitude west.Since mid -December this year, the Arctic vortex spin is divided into dual centers, above Greenland and Siberia, respectively.With the severe distortion of the west wind belt over the Eurasia, Siberia's high pressure was abnormally enhanced, and most of my country turned from southwind to north wind from the beginning of the early stage, and the cold air went south, resulting in a sudden decline in temperature.

    On the other hand, the Philippine abnormal anti -cyclone inspired by El Niho will transport tropical water vapor to the mainland of my country. Therefore, the cold wave process from mid -high latitudes cooperates with the conditions of rich water vapor from low latitudes, which leads to a large -scale snowfall process in the central and eastern part of my country.In addition, the increase in the sun in the snow caused by snow also makes the later return temperature slower.

    China is a sensitive area and a significant area of climate change. Although the temperature increase is higher than the global average, the intensity of extreme cold waves has not weakened, and strong cold air or cold tide has increased.For example: From February 14-17, 2020, the national cold tide process affects my country. Most of the regions have a cooling of 8-12 ° C, and the local area cools above 18 ° C.

    According to statistics from the National Climate Center, my country was warm and significant in early December this year, and the cooling level in the middle of the month was large.Since December (as of the 18th), precipitation is significantly more precipitation in most areas in the north.During this period, the national average temperature was -1.3 ° C, which was 0.9 ° C higher than the same period of the same year. The temperature in most areas across the country was mainly high.

    Since the winter, the national average temperature has experienced the "roller coaster" change source source of the National Climate Center

    Since the winter, the national temperature is warm as a whole, and most of the precipitation in the north is significantly more than much.The "roller coaster" type temperature of the "roller coaster" type with continuous warm -up and rapid cooling in the later period has fluctuated.On December 1-13, the average temperature nationwide was higher than the same period of the same year, which was the highest in history. However, from the 14th, due to the large-scale cold wave weather, the temperature in most areas of the country dropped sharply.History value.

    So, will there be extremely cold weather in the back?It is estimated that the winter (January to February 2024), East Asian winter wind intensity is generally weak. Except for the temperature in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang, most of Tibet, southern Qinghai, the temperature is lower than the same period of the year., But the cold and warm ups and downs are obvious, or you have experienced the temperature "roller coaster" again.Later in the middle of the country, there are more precipitation in the central and eastern part of my country, and the precipitation of the rest of the country is close to the same period to less.Cold air activities are relatively active, and the process of staged cooling and snowfall may occur again in the northern region. Staged low -temperature rain and snow frozen weather may occur in the south of the river and southwestern region.

    Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Yu Dandan

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