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[转帖] Songjiang District Sports Bureau exceeded the 2023 people's heart project and practical project

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    TheList of information websites reporter recently learned from the Songjiang District Sports Bureau that as of now, Songjiang has exceeded 2023 for the construction indicators of private practical projects.2 fitness stations, 2 community civic fitness centers, and 1 elderly sports health.

    On the morning of the 13th, Mr. Chen and his companions played basketball at the Sijing Metropolitan Sports Center.This stadium open to the outside world in mid -November has a gas film venue of over 3,000 square meters. High -quality hardware facilities make Mr. Chen and his companions very satisfied."My family is nearby, and it is very convenient to exercise. I usually come to play and exercise." Mr. Chen said.

    It is understood that the Sijing Metropolitan Movement Center (community civic fitness center) is located at No. 168 Jiqian Road, Sijing Town (in the Jiuxian 168 International Intelligent Ecological Industrial Park). It covers an area of about 28 acres.In the community citizen fitness center, the supporting facilities are set up with multi -functional indoor venues such as basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc., and are equipped with independent civic fitness stations and other related facilities.There are 11 people's football stadiums, fitness runways and 2 tennis courts outdoors outdoors.The entire venue is equipped with intelligent systems and equipment to meet the diversified fitness needs of citizens.

    Yueyang Street Citizen Fitness Center is the same as the Sili City Sports Center. It belongs to the newly built citizen fitness center this year.The center is located at No. 30, No. 171, Renmin North Road. It combines the overall reconstruction project of the Party and Mass Service Center of the Yueyang Street Community Community. It was completed as a whole in March this year., Table tennis room, billiard room, chess room, rehearsal hall, multi -functional classroom and other new sports and fitness facilities.

    "We must combine the actual situation and make up for the shortcomings to further promote the construction of the community citizen fitness center, citizen fitness station, elderly sports health home and other project selection and construction work. At the same time, "Three integrations" of flood control channels, in addition, we must strengthen management and file upgrade, and conduct overall updates and intelligent upgrades for citizen Yizhi Fitness Point and citizen sports stadium for super -annual limits to better meet citizens' sports fitnessRequirements. "The relevant person in charge of the group department of the District Sports Bureau said.

    Photo: Photo Conferring in the District Sports Bureau workstation

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