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[转帖] France intervene!The unlimited air strike of the army, killing French diplomats, French sanctions are not ambiguous

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    As one of the five constants and a member of NATO,News information website France's strength is one of the best in Europe. Recently, a headache for France has happened.That is, in the air strikes of Israel to the Gaza Strip, a diplomat in France was killed. At that time, the diplomat at the time was in the colleague's house. It is obvious that the army's bomb did not use precise guidance as the Fang officer said.Then after the French diplomat was killed, France also made two actions. It can be said that the measures taken by France were not ambiguous.

    According to China News Service on December 20, French Foreign Minister Cologne screamed loudly in Paris a few days ago, indicating that France would issue a "ticket" to the Israeli extremists.In the meeting of the British Foreign Minister Cameron, she made it clear that France would impose sanctions against certain Jewish settlers because their violence is a taboo, which is really unbearable.

    According to the Peninsula TV station, just recently, French diplomats were unfortunately sacrificed in Israel's air strike on the Gaza Strip, which caused a severe response to Israel in France.In the La Fa in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Israel has no different attack, the fire is ruthless, and it is unavoidable. A French diplomat was also killed. The news was announced by the Peninsula Television and the Maiyado TV Station in Lebanon.The statement confirmed.

    It is really not as good as heaven. The accidental sacrifice of the French foreign communication officer also changed the French attitude towards Israel.

    From the beginning of the conflict of the Gaza Strip, standing on the Israeli side, it has adopted a tough attitude now.After the incident, on the one hand, French Foreign Minister Cologne immediately flew to Israel and made a clear requirement to Israel: the ins and outs of this bombardment must be checked.

    The incident passed: the murderer who was killed has been working in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2022. At present, Pakistani conflicts are immediately arguing. He and other colleagues and family members have temporarily avoided the trend in the home of the French consulate.However, just recently, he was seriously injured in the air strikes of Israel to Lata in the south of the Gaza Strip, and eventually he died of ineffective treatment. More than 10 people in this air strike were killed.

    The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs was extremely sad about the death of the staff.On the day Cologne arrived in Israel, she was tough in an interview with the media and urgently asked Israel to investigate thoroughly. At the same time, she said that France was paying close attention to this Pakistani conflict.This is actually telling Israel, "Don't think we don't know what you do."

    Cologne's meeting with Israel Foreign Minister Cohen is not just about expressing their views on the victims of the staff. She explicitly pointed out that the three goals of France.The assistance entered the Gaza Strip, and emphasized the importance of preventing Li Yi's upgrading, and called on all parties to try to avoid the sacrifice of innocent people in the conflict.

    On the other hand, the French media revealed that France announced the plan for sanctions. In fact, the French government had intended to sanctions with related personnel in Israel as early as the beginning of the month, such as restricting their entry in France or freezing their assets in France.Moreover, France also hopes that this method of dealing with Israel will follow the entire Europe.If France really takes the above measures, it is tantamount to "backbone" for Israel, which is in a hard time fighting Hamas.

    It is reported that Cologne also bluntly criticized that Israel's construction of the settlement on the west bank of the Jordan River, saying that this is the behavior of blatantly challenging international law, and the wording is quite fierce.When visiting Lebanon, Cologne also expressed his disappointment and criticism of Israeli extremist settlers.

    While criticizing Israeli, olive branches were thrown out of Palestine. Cologne announced on December 19 that France will provide 700 tons of humanitarian aid supplies to Palestine, half of which will leave France on the 20th.She said the remaining half will be shipped next week.At the same time, it is emphasized that the conflict between the Gaza Strip should immediately stop the fire, and it is obviously that Israeli listened to Israel, which did a different attack attack in Gaza, because who did not want to stop the fire?Obviously, in order to complete the Nataniaho government that eliminates Hamas's goal, France's move was also hit on Israel's pain points.

    Cologne even bluntly said that "Israel's military movement is to prevent" Hamas "from launching attacks again, but France does not fully agree with Israel's approach. We hope that Israel can walk out of other ways."Obviously, Israel has offended France in Western allies. Although France has sent warships during the recent establishment of a multi -national coalition forces in the United States, France has also sent warships, but what should be seen is the face of the United States.

    At present, Israel's approach not only triggers France's opposition. Most countries in the international community do not support Israel. Even the allies in the United States also issued a warning through various channels."Instead, we should pay more attention to the life of civilians. At the same time, the US Defense Minister Austin went to Tel Aviv himself to" knock "and ask Israel to change the current play.It can be seen that under the pressure of the international community, both Israel and the United States have undergone pressure.

    But Israel's approach can be said to be unexpected.Faced with the violent attack of the outside world, the Israeli military stood up to clarify that there was no blindly fighting the Gaza Strip. In fact, after the start of the conflict, the Israeli army launched an air raid against Hamas.Earth attack.In this conflict, nearly 20,000 people have been killed unfortunately, most of them are the non -incompetent people.Moreover, according to a report released by the National Intelligence Agency, about half of the open -air missiles launched in the Gaza area are unsatisfactory bombs.After French diplomats were taken away by bombs, Israel still insisted that they had not performed any different different attacks.

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