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[转帖] Cornerstone Pharmaceutical-B (02616.HK) Affiliated with France and French Shiweiya Pharmaceutical Factory Establish an asset acquisition agreement

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    [Caihua News News] Cornerstone Pharmaceutical-B (02616.HK) announced that on December 20,热门话题 2023 (Central Europe time) (ie, December 21, 2023 (Hong Kong time))Inquiry company) Establish an asset acquisition agreement with the Schivia Pharmaceutical France in France. It stipulates that the cornerstone will be sold and Siweiya will purchase the cornerstone Afunbu business and any of its goodwill (including transfer assets), with a cash cost of up to 50 millionDollar.While setting up an asset acquisition agreement, the cornerstone and Shi Weiya have entered into a transition plan agreement. Based on this, the cornerstone has promised to complete the transaction to provide several delivery products to Shi Weiya to realize the orderly transfer of the cornerstone Afunbu business.Essence

    The value and influence of the transaction will maximize the value and influence of Avonbu is the best opportunity to enhance the value of shareholders and global patients.The transaction expects that the group will focus on the development of other pipeline assets, while seeking other opportunities to further expand the existing pipelines of their drug products.In addition, the exchanges will take the best distribution method, which will be consistent with the overall and long -term goals of the group, so as to maximize the long -term interests of the company and its shareholders.

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