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[转帖] Year -end inventory: Is the list of "most" in the city weather in 2023, have you released your home?

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    China Weather Network News Time is Express information website一, it will be exhausted for a year.Looking back at 2023, the early winter is late in the early winter, and the spring flying in the spring is warm.The rare extreme heavy rain affects Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei ... Which of this year is sunny and cold, wind and frosty dew, which instantly make you remember?China's weather network inventory of weather data in major cities across the country, the most important list of weather is launched. See if your home is on the list.

    The most "hot" city of the year

    This year, we spent the hottest autumn and the second hot summer in history.The monitoring of the National Climate Center shows that in the fall of 2023, the average temperature in my country is 1.1 ° C higher than the year, the warmest autumn since 1961. This summer, a total of 13 high -temperature processes occurred in my country. The second place in the same period, where is the center of the hot year?

    On the most "hot" city rankings in 2023, the southern city is dominated.Among them, the number of high temperature days in Ganzhou, Jiangxi reached 61 days, ranked first, and Chongqing and Fuzhou ranked two or three days with 50 days and 47 days.In a group of southern cities, Shijiazhuang broke out. As the only northern city on the list, Shijiazhuang also ranked at the top of high temperatures in major cities with the highest temperature of 42.1 ° C.

    The most "frozen" city of the year

    Different from the hottest list at home in the south, the coldest list is the northern cities proud of the audience.The latitude of the northeast region, the northwest region and the Inner Mongolia in my country are high. The solar radiation received in winter is the least, which is very cold, and it is very easy to occur in extreme low temperatures.In the most "frozen people" city rankings, -20 ° C is only "entry line". Among them, Harbin became the coldest city this year with -33.4 ° C. Mudanjiang and Hohhot were listed in two or three with -28.9 ° C and -28.6 ° C.Position, outdoors are like strengthening the large refrigerator, which can be described as frozen.

    In January of this year, the cold air ball that should have stayed near the Arctic Circle deviated from its original position and closer to the side of our country, so that my country encountered three cold waves in January in January, of which the cold wave from January 23 to 25 is more As a result, the temperature in the northern area is innovative and low, and the temperature of the top ten "frozen people" cities this year is basically born in these days.

    The most "fine -grade" city of the year

    The temperature is wayward, and the ups and downs changes are like sitting on the roller coaster. It is randomly played in the day of the day and has a full sense of crossing.In 2023, the most "fine score" city is Lanzhou. On March 13, the temperature difference between day and night in the local area reached 26 ° C. One day was like crossing three seasons.In fact, in the north in March and April, the scenes of "early wear in the leather jacket" are often staged. This year, the maximum temperature difference between Baotou, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang and other places also exceeded 24 ° C.

    Annual "Snow City"

    In the winter without snow, the winter in the northern country is not only cold, but it can also achieve the freedom of snowman.Judging from the results of the "Snow City" competition in 2023, the cities on the list are all from the northwest, northeast regions, and the Shandong Peninsula. Among them, Urumqi sat in the first in depth of 38 cm of snow.The maximum snowy depth also reached or more than 20 cm.If you want to pile up snowmen, it is right to go to these cities!

    Annual "Yucheng"

    Snow City comes from the north, and Yucheng prefers the south.Especially in South China, it has always been the area with the most abundant precipitation and the most popular typhoon.This year is no exception. On the top ten "Rain City" rankings in 2023, eight seats in South China are held. Among them, Beihai ranked first with a cumulative precipitation of 3214 mm, which can be described as "one riding dust."Not only that, on June 8th, Beihai's 24 -hour precipitation was 429.9 mm, which is equivalent to the rain in many cities in the north a day.(Some cities have appeared in some cities for a short time, and based on accumulated precipitation as a consideration standard.)

    The most "thirsty" city of the year

    Unlike South China, which is abundant in Southwest, the northwest, southwest and other areas this year, there are few rainwater, especially in the central and western Inner Mongolia, western Gansu, southern Guizhou, eastern Yunnan, and eastern Xinjiang.History is obviously less.It can be seen from the most "thirsty" city rankings in 2023 that Yinchuan's accumulated precipitation in total is 46%less than the same period of the same year, and Zunyi is 44%less, ranking first and second in rankings.

    The most "flying sand" city of the year

    This year, the sense of existence of sand and dust is also very strong. my country has appeared 17 times in China.From the perspective of the "Feisha" city rankings, Lanzhou ranked first, and Yinchuan and Baotou ranked two or three.From March 19th to 23rd, my country has experienced a strong and extensive process of strong sandstorms with a strong intensity and extensive influence, which affects the area of ​​more than 4.85 million square kilometers. The PM10 concentration in the north has reached serious pollution.

    The most "wind crazy" city of the year

    Like "Feisha" cities, most cities in the "Wind Crazy" cities in 2023 also come from the north.The number one in Xining, the number of instantaneous storms above level 8 or more throughout the year is as high as 57 days.Xining is high in altitude, and the cold air affects frequent influence. In addition, there are mountains in the north and south of the local area. It has a certain narrow pipe effect, which is more conducive to the appearance of the wind.In addition, affected by typhoons, Sanya, Quanzhou and other coastal cities such as Sanya and Quanzhou are also famous on the list.

    The most "fresh" city of the year

    Most of the "fresh" cities in 2023 are concentrated in coastal provinces and southwestern regions.As of December 10, the top ten "fresh" urban air quality excellent levels have reached more than 80%, and 98%of the top Sanya Dada, which can "wash the lungs" almost every day.The standard rate is also above 90%.

    The most "sunshine" city of the year

    In 2023, the most "sunshine" city dispute, Baotou won the prince with averaging 8.4 hours average, and the old "Sunlight City" Lhasa ranked second.The top ten on the list are northern cities, mainly because the northern water vapor and sky clouds are small, and they are favored by the sun.

    Does this year's weather list have your exclusive memories?Did the typhoon "Du Surui" in the 13 provinces and cities all the way to your house all the way to your house?Have you also reposted mutual assistance information in the extreme rainstorms and floods of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei?Do you remember the first snowman piled up this winter?In 2023, we experienced wind and frosty dew together, shared the wind and rain, and enjoyed the sun.Please believe that the cold winter will pass and spring will come.I hope that in 2024, the wind is smooth.

    (Planning/Zhang Hui Design/Zhang Li Data Support/Zhang Juan Wang Yan Jiang Senwei Hu Xiao)

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