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    Saturday,热门新闻 around nine o'clock in the evening, and sorting out the context of the article on Thursday ~

    Thunder: There are many private settings and unrealistic, there are dramas in the play, Su Tianxiang.

    Bringing the fairy beauty with × belly black pet wife big guys attacked

    Lin Qinghe was born with handsome and elegant, gentle and moist, and he was full of books. He should have been showing a future. However, he accidentally put him into the new world.

    So there was no text, and he began to be forced to open.

    lute?Easy to palm.
    Guzheng?Should be handy.
    Calligraphy ink painting?Sorry, I want to bid to collect here and queue up.

    A video of a white jacket like a snow teenager Lang suddenly fiddled with the pipa, and suddenly the entire network attracted many netizens. Everyone kneeling to live broadcast.

    Later, in the live broadcast room, Lin Qinghe hugged the pipa, a little cinnabar between the eyebrows, a few rays of broken hair, fair skin, and a kind of compassion for the world when he drew his eyes.

    A: AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI am willing!IntersectionIntersection
    B: Help, which goddess is the calamity again!IntersectionIntersection
    C: Shengshi beauty is not the case!

    Then, then

    As a powerful lineup led by Director Li Ran, "Dream Lan Yueye" starring is the movie emperor sought after by the popular little students and everyone, and it has continued to be high before shooting the topic.

    The accident suddenly occurred before entering the group, and the popular young man No. 1 was replaced by serious injuries after driving.
    Instead, there are no works, no grades, no scores, only the face value resistance, and the airborne Lin Qinghe.

    A scolding on the Internet, eating melon, falling in the well, jealous, and bloody.
    The popular niche fans hate him to drip blood.
    The film emperor fans ridiculed him to rely on his face, and did not match the drama with the film emperor.

    Until someone posted a dynamic picture, Lin Qing crane was lying on the glass water tank, the long long hair was scattered in front of him, the wrist bones were wearing exquisite silver bells, and a light blue pattern was printed in the forehead.
    Snow lotus on the mountains is so pure and independent of the gods that are as pure and sluggish.

    Passerby: Well ... Well duck, the gods of gods finally have a prototype.
    Fans: One day when I kneel and lick Xiaohe Yan, AWSL!
    Original Fan: I don't want to, but he seems to restore my family Salin!
    Black Fan: How does this make our work do!Intersection

    With this movie, Lin Qinghe became popular in one fell swoop.

    Then, then

    "The red is too fast"
    "There must be someone holding it"
    "It is said to be a very rich perverted middle -aged man."
    Due to the smooth stars, everyone was guessed, and it might be the gold owner on the list.

    One day, Lin Qinghe wearing a pajamas and fans chatted in the live broadcast room, accidentally showing the red marks on his body.

    The live broadcast room directly collapsed in just ten seconds, and the book blog exploded.

    Unclear videos were circulating in the Board of Board. A precious black car was parked in front of the flower bed. The tall men approached forward. His hands stretched out to Lin Qinghe's ears. Lin Qinghe reached the door of the car.

    Ascend the hot search first.

    The fans were unbelievable, and their peers were optimistic about the show by the way, and passers -by decided to turn black.

    The whole network boiled for less than eighteen hours, and Feng Rui officially came out to announce: "Thank you for your attention to the young master@全 全, and the brothers played troubles. I did not expect such a misunderstanding."

    Passerby & peer:?

    What, my crane is the younger brother of Feng Rui President Cen Han.
    And Cen Han is an unattainable power of many families in Xijing!

    Only Cen Han's relatives and friends are clear, which is the young master recognized by the Cen family, which is clearly the partner of Cen Han's eight classics.


    Cen Han accidentally picked up a piece of jade. This piece of jade became more brilliant under his carving.
    He couldn't see that this piece of jade was remembered by others.

    So he decided to occupy himself.

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