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[转帖] Lujiang, Anhui: "Small Vegetable Garden" planted a broadcast article of "Great Minsheng"

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      China News Agency,今日头条 Shanghai, January 4th (Reporter Xu Jing) The Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released on the 4th that the bureau issued the "Opinions on Further Optimizing the Management of Professional and Technical Jobs for Construction of Transportation Institutions" andThe "Opinions on Further Obiting to the Setting Management of Professional and Technical Jobs of Water Marine Institutions" will be further emphasized for the decentralization of public institutions.

      As the main carrier of providing public welfare services, public institutions cover textbooks, cultural and health, agriculture, forestry, water affairs, press and publication, social welfare and many other fields, and play an important role in Shanghai's economic and social development.According to regulations, public institutions shall implement job management, and personnel employment shall be carried out in the approved jobs, the proportion of structure, and the highest level.

      The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said that the two "opinions" issued this time clarify that the urgent need of lack of shortcomings can be set up, high -level talents can be overdone, and they can be responsible for counterpart support.New measures can be increased by key units.

      Specifically, high -level talents that are urgently needed in areas can not be limited by the total number of positions, the highest level and structural proportion of the units in the units, and apply for special positions.Talent plans listed at the provincial and ministerial level, national and Shanghai are at the forefront of professional and highly influential at home and abroad, and can not occupy the proportion of the positive and advanced post structure of the units.In public institutions with small scale, small personnel, scattered, or similar professional fields, and frequent personnel exchanges, they can make overall position settings.

      In addition, for units that undertake major scientific research projects at the state, provincial and ministerial levels, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government's key tasks and major projects, and the units that have obtained national, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards or important awards of national ministries and commissions can appropriately increase by 1%to 5%incentives.Proportion.

      In recent years, Shanghai has successively introduced post -setting management opinions in universities, health, cultural relics and other industries. In 2022, it is optimized and adjusted to adjust the three industries of primary and secondary schools, agriculture, and sports.The job management measures are loosened for the decentralization of the institution.

      According to the Shanghai People's Social Affairs Department, in the next step, Shanghai will further decentralize the publicity of talent introduction, incentives, evaluations, training, and use in public institutions, and continuously burst out the vitality of public institutions and talent innovation.(over)

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