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[转帖] Enjoy the extraordinary charming experience in Maitreya in the Maitreya Security Realm

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    Original title: Enjoy a day of extraordinary charming experience in Maitreya's prison

    Every time I brush the video of Anxuan Aman,news express website I will slip away because I take it too well. Watching the different styles of the world's styles flowing in front of the eyes, the fine taste is finished.This is picked up by it ...

    Amn ⛲ ️

    Among the hotels that had lived in the past, Anxuan Aman did exist very special.

    It does not have standard and process -based service rules, no fixed and unified design style, andIt is a unique and amazing place all over the world, and combined with local culture and rich heritage to "customize and build."

    There are nearly 40 opens around the worldAnxuan, every family is different, every familyIt's a charming story.

    Like founder Adrian Zecha said: Anxuan is a desirable lifestyle. We are not facing the public. Because we are very young, we are different enough.

    OpenUSAAMANGIRI AMANGIRI AMANGIRI AMANGIRI, located in the trace of peopleIn the primitive desert that is in isolated, wake up here in the morning, it will really be like alien planets.

    The scenery of "spectacular strange stones and 峡 canyons" should not be missed. The "Exploration Experience" itinerary specially customized for guests includes the Wilderness.Step, challenge the cave -peak ladder, slit gorge, explore Lake Powell ... The same choice will be an unforgettable adventure.

    AMANJENA, Mallaka, Morocco, can often be brushed on INS, like an ancient palace in the red city.Almost every room type is wideAn open private garden or outdoor gazebo.

    The staff will always come to the room quietly to help you carefully fight everything, but you can't see them during the hotel. It seems that there are special staff members secretly, so that they are delicate and appropriate but not disturbed.

    AMANKORA's AMANKORA AMANKORA Khara is even more absolutely absolutelybeautiful, Himalayas' South slope highBhutan at altitude in this centuryAt the beginning, the door to the tourism industry was opened, and An Yan immediately invited An Ye to build a resort hotel.

    So the five huts hidden in the Youyou Valley were built. They each had a unique beauty, and they looked like a series of pearls connected in series, reflecting each other.

    Thinking of AMANYANGYUN, who lived in Shanghai, nourished Yun'an 缦, theseFrom the brightThe ancient house of the Qing Dynasty was originally in Fuzhou countryside, Jiangxi, in order to protectProtect these ancient ruins and camphor forests are not newly built waterThe library is sealed at the bottom of the water.

    So with this leap 700 The kilometer's big migration plan, ancient house andThe camphor tree was repaired and transplanted in Shanghai in Shanghai, and there was a Yangyun Anxuan with the story of historical relics.

    The check -in ceremony is a camphor weighing 80 tonsThe king of the tree was poured with a bowl of ancient Shijing water to pay tribute to life.When I went to the rainy day of autumn, I always touched this camphor tree for more than 1,600 years in the gap between the rain and felt the power of healing.

    The design of the Anxuan Hotel is particularly customized for these charming sites all over the world, but the reason why it can attract so many "Anxian" like a philately to live in the Anxuan Hotel, which is like a philately.It itself is "extraordinaryFixedSystem"Well -knownof.

    In Anxuan, almost every 6 staff members correspond to 1 guest, hope to let letGuests are immersed in a unique personalized experience. They can remember the names of each guest and meet any requirements at the same time:

    Once there was one staying in AMANJENA The guests wanted to have a snowy Christmas, so the hotel sent a dozen trucks to the Atlas Mountains on Christmas Eve.When the guests woke up in the morning, snowflakes were already floating outside the room.

    There is also a pair of American couples in Bali AMANKILA to celebrate the 30th anniversary of marriage. Her husband suddenly found that he forgot to bring Burgundy wine in 1968 (the same bottle of their wedding night) Anxuan hotel charter machine from the United States from the United StatesLuck it with wine, just to catch up with their anniversary dinner.

    An Ye hopes that every check -in experience of customers is unique and different, so she dedicated to Anye TravelProcedure.You can find the "Exploration Experience" column on the introduction page of each Anxun Hotel on the official website.The face is a special customized itinerary that integrates local culture, just to allow guests to experience the unforgettable experience that cannot be copied elsewhere in the world.

    An Ye is very clear that the so -called luxury is a "personalized accommodation experience", so I find a way to bring customersPeople walk into the local people's house, and trueReal life is connected with ancient stories.

    Dayan Anneng and non -genetically inheritors in Yunnan learned Dongba calligraphy and eaten homemade Naxi meals in the ancient village of Izuman;Morocco's fables, visit the Berbell's house ...

    The pictures of Anxuan are from aman.com

    The more the most exposure to the outstanding brand, the more the standards of "luxury" have been constantly being redefined by them:Low -key, peaceful, peaceful and elegant, simple and extraordinary tastes can bring unparalleled customized services to guests, and can create a stunning experience.

    Last week, I just spent an unforgettable and extraordinary holiday in Yunnan. From the heavy snow, Beijing stepped into the warm and comfortable Maitreya like spring, and the body and heart were relaxed.

    What's more, this time I have the opportunity to drive Rolls -Royce's new pure electric electricCailing car "flashing"GallopingOn the winding road, exploreMysterious and pleasant and artistic, Maitreya's Secrets,It's more like immersive and feel fromRolls -RoycespecialDon't customize experience.

    From the unique and charming test drive route, to the smooth driving experience, to the amazing starry sky dinner,It will become more and more aware of "Rolls -Royce's Advanced Customization" not only to create a unique and charming luxury car for car owners, but also in every detail of contact with it.

    "SPECTRThe pioneering ultra -luxury pure electric super -running car, its birth has also raised the standards of electric vehicles to a brand new height.

    As early as 1900, the founder of Rolls -Royce was in one articleThe magazine article proposes bold predictions:

    Electric vehicles are very quiet and clean.There is no odor or vibration when driving.Once a fixed charging station becomes possible, they will become very useful.

    This very far -sized century -old prophecy is true today.

    It is said that the entire R & D team took 7 years, and nearly 2,000 colleagues participated in the contribution before creating this challenging Rolls -Royce"Glittering"Pure electric coupecar.

    When I finally see it, it will be fascinated by the smooth body lines, it is like an outstanding artwork.

    Inspired from the yacht on the wind and waves, the high head will make your heart more holiday -like pleasure when driving.

    If you look closely, you will find that there are some differences in the celebration goddess on the front of the "flashing spirit". This charming statue has been designed with a new design, and her posture is even more forward, catering to the flashing galloping.It feels like better air dynamic characteristics.

    This "Chate Jiu Green"It is one of the high -end custom schemes of BESPOKE, which exudes intoxication.

    And I drove an elegant "Weit Ling Blue".The glittering body is better than Rolls -RoyceOther models are longer and larger. From the perspective of which angle, the lines are smooth and charming.

    Rolls -Royce created a iconic "luxury architecture", Guster still hasCuron I used before I test drive is this infrastructure, and the glittering is also usingRolls -Royce's uniquely customized all -aluminum "luxury architecture" has realized the transformation from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

    Sitting in the driving seat can feel a sense of comfort and reliable security. The whole person is wrapped in wrapped and can quickly blend with the body.After being familiar with for a few minutes, we feel like we are like a pair of tacit friends.

    The particularly intuitive feeling is that it improves my driving ability when driving. It automatically adjusts the speed when turning. The acceleration and brakes are smooth, and you can feel the sense of fluttering when driving.The quiet driving experience is not only experienced in the sound, but also the physical perception.

    The whole person will calmly.

    Even the movement of getting on and off, Rolls -Royce considered consideration."Glittering"Designed a specialSome ways to turn off the door, sitting on the driver's seat, only need to step on the brakes, the driver's door will automatically close.

    You can also be calm and elegant when you get off the bus.To pull the internal handles of the door, the door will open to a comfortable position, like being held by a gentleman's hand, walking down.

    (Change flat shoes at the time of driving)

    Everyone knows that Rolls -Royce's core spirit is reflected in its high -level BESPOKE high -levelCustomAdhering to the principle of "everything can be customized", as long as you like it, as long as you put forward your ideas.

    As a pure luxury brand, Rolls -Royce has always insisted on creating rare and precious art masterpieces. Treating every detail is like carefully carving a high -end jewelry, and it has a more intuitive and wonderful manifestation in "interior".

    As Rolls -Royce's first mass -produced car with "Starlight Door"Type, 4796 soft light spots have fallen into the bright "starry sky" for "flashing".

    Even the star light panel on the center console in front of the co -pilot is the night sky theme, in the carWhen the car starts, the "SPECTRE" symbol surrounded by 5,500 stars will be lit.

    Rolls -Royce's interior design can reflect a lotTechnical advanced BESPOKE high -level custom highlights, this time also specially invitedCome fromThe senior craftsman of the Goodwood factory production line came to share the story of senior hand -made customized.

    Watch on the spotTo a collection of exclusive customizationStarlight canopy with the theme of "Space Border", with five colorsEmbroideryLine embroidery 250,000 stitches create a three -dimensional one likeAll overMeteorThe surface of the moon looks like a painting at a glance.

    InInside the Goodwood, the team of handicrafts experts and experts will often make high difficulty "self -challenge concept design", constantly breaking through themselves so that it is possible to become possible, and it is also practicingThe belief that Sir Henry Rice insisted on the beginning of the founding of Rolls -Royce:"Doing everything is perfect and do the best."

    From outstanding leaders to outstanding senior craftsmen, they have devotedUnparalleled mindIt is just to bring a unique and extraordinary custom experience to each car owner.

    Rolls -Royce has been focusing on this for more than 100 years.

    Just as when I drove the "Spirit", I can feel their persistence: it is entirelyThe pure electric drive system follows the original driving characteristics of Rolls -Royce, thanSuch as quiet driving, shredded and unsophisticated changeBlock and instantaneous torque release.In terms of design and performance, no compromise is made.

    Because the original intention of the birth of "flashing spirit" was:

    It is first a Rolls -Royce,

    The second is an electric car.

    Welcome everyone to open the video and watch my test drive experience

    Seeing Rolls -Royce's vision is that by the end of 2030, Rolls -Royce's product lineup will be all pure electric models, and no new models with internal combustion engines will be produced.

    As a masterpiece in the super luxury pure electric supercourse, Shiling is also redefining electric cars"Luxury"New criteria for experience.

    Centennial prophecy Royal Freshman


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