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[转帖] Global Perspective: Shuanghe Town, Jaishan County: "Three Focus" to strengthen work style construction

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    Since the beginning of this Popular news sitesyear, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shuanghe Town of Jaishan County has effectively connected the town's disciplinary style education activities with the construction of clean rural villages, focusing on the main responsibility, and vigorously promoting party members and cadres to turn the wind and new wind.

    Shuanghe Town, Qianshan County: "Three Focus on" strengthening style construction

    Focus on publicity and education, and make early "preventive needles".The Shuanghe Town Discipline Inspection Commission used the opportunities of the cadre conference of the organs and the day of the school day to organize party members and cadres to carry out party rules and party discipline, and concentrate on watching and conveying typical cases of violating work style construction, strict discipline requirements, and effectively enhancing the sense of responsibility and discipline of party members and cadres.

    Focus on work and release "new kinetic energy".The town disciplinary commission combined with the key tasks of the town, closely followed the specific work of rural rejuvenation, living environmental improvement, and economic development, and strived to do a good job of daily unannounced visits and special node special inspections.At the same time, focus on improving the special rectification of style issues such as eating and drinking, illegal public funds, and unhealthy winds around the masses to ensure that key tasks are promoted and cadre ideas do not decline.

    Shuanghe Town, Qianshan County: "Three Focus on" strengthening style construction

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