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[转帖] Today's Views 丨 Aiming at the needs of youth to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality

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    Today's Views 丨 Aiming at the needs of youth to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality


    Young people are the most innovative and enthusiastic,High-speed information website the most innovative, and to maximize the subjective initiative of young people and activate their innovative and entrepreneurial vitality.In the past three years, the 12th Division aimed at the needs of young people, supported a youth entrepreneurial project with an annual output value of more than one million yuan, and handed over a dazzling "transcript".

    It is not difficult to see from the successful experience of the twelve divisions. Effectively helping youth entrepreneurship must work hard in various aspects such as policies, funds, and training to provide accurate and fine services for young entrepreneurship.The institutional mechanism obstacles, strive to create a good atmosphere of care and support for young entrepreneurship.It is necessary to improve the system, create the environment, reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, simplify the approval process, strengthen the service functions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the youth of entrepreneurship, and strive to form a good working system that is conducive to promoting youth entrepreneurship, and create a strong "magnetic field" that attracts young innovation talents.

    It is necessary to integrate and optimize resources, strengthen funding support, and enable more entrepreneurial youths to obtain funding help; integrate social resources, give full play to the advantages of location, resources, and industry, and continuously expand the youth entrepreneurial service platform.

    It is necessary to increase training, strengthen technical support, and plant youth innovation and entrepreneurship "fertile soil".It is necessary to accelerate the integration of production, research, research and research, and form a new type of regional training system with reasonable layout, functional facilities, and professional uniforms; guide and support existing vocational education institutions, social training institutions to effectively connect with entrepreneurial youth, and form skill training and youth entrepreneurial linkage mechanisms.Promote training methods such as "orders", "directional", and "union"; highlight the focus of training, closely follow the needs of youth, and systematically conduct entrepreneurial training.

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