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[转帖] What should I do if the cold wave, typhoon, heavy rain ... extreme weather is here?The people have power!

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    On December 20,速递资讯 the first "civil forces under the climate disaster" of the first scene of the local ability construction and the character stories communication workshop of extreme weather response were successfully held in Xiaoqiang Public Welfare Book House, Ban Mountain Village, Baizhang Town, Yuhang District.The event was directed by the Hangzhou Science and Technology Association. Hangzhou Ecological and Culture Association, Green Peace and Zhejiang Science and Technology Association Resources and Environment Society consortium, hosted by Baizhang Social Organization Service Center, the event also received the Zhejiang Meteorological Society and Zhejiang Geographic Society.Strong support.

    This workshop focuses on how the community responds to the frequent extreme events in the context of climate change.More than 30 workers from the NGO organization and the media, as well as researchers and practitioners in the fields of meteorology, psychology, communication, and disaster relief response, gathered together to discuss the challenges of disaster, local NGO and community response under climate change, local NGOs and community responsesThe localization mechanism of extreme weather events, as well as the psychological mechanism of climate crisis.The workshop in the morning is by the person in charge of the green and peaceful climate risk projectLiu JunyanHost.

    Ye Qingping, deputy secretary of the party committee of Baizhang Town, Liu Junyan, head of the Green Peace Climate Risk Project, Zhang Xianliang, Secretary -General of the Zhejiang Meteorological Society, Dong Shu, the Secretary -General of Green Zhejiang, attended the event and delivered a speech.The chairman of the association Qian Hano, Li Wenmi, the Disaster Subtulation Section of the Yuhang District Meteorological Bureau, attended the workshop.

    Ye Qingping, deputy secretary of the party committee of Baizhang Town, nominated mayorIt is pointed out that response to climate disasters not only requires the power of technology and engineering, but also to unite and cooperate with the people of all parties.Baizhang Town looks forward to establishing a wider exchange platform through this event, and expects experts and scholars in various fields to share knowledge and experience, so that this meeting will become a event for knowledge collision and exchange.

    Zhang Xianliang, Secretary -General of Zhejiang Meteorological SocietyIt is said that in recent years, the casualties and property losses caused by an extreme weather have explained the extreme importance and urgency of improving the scientific quality of the whole people and the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, and enhancing the grassroots and local civil disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities.Today, the NGO organizations and media workers from all over the country gathered here to participate in the construction of local capabilities workshops together to participate in extreme weather response local ability workshops., Enhance the public's awareness and emphasis on the urgency of the climate crisis, and improve the awareness and ability of disaster prevention and mitigation at the grassroots level and the public.

    Liu Junyan, the person in charge of the Green Peace Climate Risk ProjectIntroduce the idea behind the workshop preparation,,The reason why you want to invite all NGO partners to Baizhang and Hangzhou, the core purpose is to discuss what to do from warning to action, how to do social forces, and how to mobilize the partners of different stakeholders.Participate in the work of climate crisis, this is also the goal of the workshop and a series of workshops in the future.

    Green Zhejiang Secretary -General Dong ShuIt means that we are increasingly felt that climate change can have more and more impact on humans.Every year, it is said that this year is the hottest year, but it is also likely that this year is the coldest year in the next 100 years. What should I do?We sometimes feel helpless, but we are glad to see more and more people taking more positive, more toughness, and more responsible attitude towards nature. We are moving towards the goal of double carbon.

    Share in the first theme"Disaster challenges in the context of climate change"Among the doctors and senior engineers of the climate change room of Zhejiang ProvinceZhang HanIntroduce the summary of the global and Zhejiang province's climate change and carbon reduction, the chief and Zhengyan of the Zhejiang Meteorological ObservatoryLou XiaofenIntroduce the characteristics of extreme weather precipitation in Zhejiang Province and forecast early warning, professor of the Department of Geography and Space Information Technology of Ningbo UniversitysuperbShare the disaster prevention and mitigation of climate change and meteorological disasters, professors of the School of Environment and Geographic Sciences, Shanghai Normal UniversityWen JiahongShare community disaster risk management in the context of climate change.

    Share in the second theme"Standing on the front line of disaster"Among them, Zhuo Mingxin Aid VolunteerDong CocoAs well asWei ZhuochunIntroduce what he has from the onlookers who respond to climate change to the participants' thoughts and thoughts on the response to meteorological disaster, the person in charge of the Green Future Environmental Protection Association, Changyuan County, Changyuan County, Henan ProvinceSong KemingShare the thoughts after the 7.20 flood and rotten rainy weather incident in Henan.Qu DashuaiShare the situation of rams using aviation rescue during the water disaster of Hebei.

    At the event site at the green Zhejiang environmental publicity and education expert, senior environment supervisorLoftyLeading students from Baizhang Town Central Elementary School staged a vivid climate change science popularization drama "Wolf in Sheepskin", Baizhang Social Organization Service CenterJin ChaoanIntroduce the painting works of new energy themes that students are thinking.

    Two theme sharing in the afternoon shared by the director of the green and peaceful climate risk projectZhou ChuhanHost, the topic pays attention to the actions of more local partners and media workers in more communities.

    Share the first theme in the afternoon"What can the community do in the face of the crisis?"Zhong, Secretary -General of Green ZhejiangDong ShuIntroduce the model creation of Green Zhejiang in 2017 to get the Hangzhou Disaster Map, Secretary -General of the Hangzhou Heyi Social Organization Service CenterZou DongfangIntroduce the practice and exploration of grass -roots teams that focus on participating in community disaster risk management in the West Lake District.Yang QingShare the local experience of dealing with climate disasters in the middle and lower reaches of the Jinsha River, the head of the climate and environment project of the Qianhe Community Foundation of Guangdong ProvinceHuang JiamingShare the relationship between extreme weather and fragile groups in the community.

    Share in the second theme in the afternoon"Psychological Mechanism of Climate Crisis"In the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of SciencesSun YanIntroduce the public's implicit and explicit attitude of climate change and climate actions, experts in the public and cultural projects of green and peaceful public and cultural projectsKingShare the psychological intervention tool "Crisis" of the Green and Peace International.

    In the subsequent round table discussion, the guests discussed the adaptation of the climate change from the perspective of their own work, and shared the journey of climate change response and the prospect of the next workshop.

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