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[转帖] "Fengqiao Experience" 60th Anniversary 丨 Yuan Fang: "Pomegranate" in the nation's area

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    Fengqiao experience 60 years

    A sharp short hair,热门话题 bright eyes and bright eyes, a round face showed two dimples.Just happy.Because she is good at doing mass work, she can unite all nations and families in the jurisdiction as tightly like pomegranate seeds. She is affectionately called "pomegranate" by everyone.

    "Do not be troublesome to do community police work. Many jobs are to do it repeatedly. I often think about and diligent in learning. After a long time, a specific method will be formed for different jobs ..." Recently, Xingxing in the Yinchuan Public Security Bureau will be Xingxing Bureau of Public Security Bureau of Yinchuan City.At the community police training meeting organized by the Qing District Branch, Yuan Fang shared his work experience over the years of police and auxiliary police from the branch of the branch.

    In order to better resolve the family contradictions and disputes of the residents in the jurisdiction and create a peaceful environment, Yuan Fang made efforts from the family style and actively organized the "good daughter -in -law" and "good mother -in -law" to invite the "good daughter -in -law" and "good mother -in -law" to invite community selection., "Ask the pulse" for contradictory families.She innovates the "Six -Party Joint Tune" model, which will be mediated by the police station, court, judicial office, comprehensive governance office, petition office, and mass representatives to mediate specific conflicts and disputes."Special invited mediation officer" turned the police room into the "simulation court" at the door of the house to maximize the prevention and disputes on the source and resolving the buds.In September 2022, Yuan Fang was awarded the "most beautiful grassroots police" by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Public Security.

    "Pomegranate" that resolves contradictions and disputes

    "New Water Bridge's nations are united, and‘ Pomegranate ’has contributed to it.” “She is like her own sister -in -law!” This is the praise of the people in the district from the bottom of her heart.

    In December 2021, Yuan Fang took the initiative to ask the "Pomegranate Seed" police room with a large new water bridge "Pomegranate Seed" police room with a large number of rental houses, complex residents, and difficult management.At that time, when talking about Xinshuiqiao's area, the community police would inevitably have a headache.The area of Xinshuiqiao is a typical urban -rural junction. There are many households, many households, many households, many flowing population, and disputes with conflicts.Essence

    "I have understood this place in Xinshuiqiao before, the masses have a good foundation, and all ethnic groups are united. I want to create a different new water bridge with everyone." Yuan Fang's firm words at the time made comrades still remember the memory.Essence

    When he first arrived in a new post, Yuan Fang held his bag, holding his book into the community, and worked hard.Soon, she was familiar with the unfamiliar to being familiar with, and she was never accepted to a piece. She won everyone's recognition with actual actions.

    The right medicine is immediate.In March 2022, in response to the housing leasing and other issues reflected by the masses, Yuan Fang invited the police officer Li Xiaorong and Yang Weina professional lawyers to carry out the legal risk prevention of the housing leasing contract on the theme of the law of the law of the housing lease contract in Yange Village and the Xin'an Community.The lecture hall provides a more secure housing lease contract template for the masses in the jurisdiction, reducing contradictions caused by housing leasing.

    "To resolve contradictions, you must face it bravely and not escape." Yuan Fang was enlightening the crowd of the people at the other side of the phone.It turned out that Xiaoshi and her husband had a spoken taller because of trivial matters, and was beaten by her husband this time.Xiaoshi's husband was irritable, and often did not agree with a word. In order to prevent small contradictions from rising into a big event, Yuan Fang launched the "six -party joint" conflict and dispute mediation mechanism in time, and found the breakthrough and entry point for conflicts and disputes.After three hours of patience persuasion, both sides realized their problems. Xiaoshi's husband took the initiative to apologize and guarantee that he would no longer hit people.When I was leaving, Xiaoshi held Yuan Fang's hand and said, "I have trouble for you, and our husbands and wives have something to say, and live a good life."

    With the further development of the work, the people in the area loved Yuan Fang. Even the little couple quarreled, Yuan Fang "managed" the famous hall.In the mediation of family contradictions and disputes, Yuan Fang summarized his experience, actively organized lectures on the protection of women's rights and interests in the area, explained relevant laws and regulations such as women's rights and anti -domestic violence for the masses, and further enhanced the concept of women in the rule of law in the jurisdiction and awareness of rights protection in accordance with the law.EssenceAt the same time, Yuan Fang also invited family marriage experts to strengthen exchanges, mutual trust, and tolerance and understanding between husband and wife, and conduct special explanation training for families with disputes.

    In the face of the short parents who are "constantly cutting and chaotic", Yuan Fang actively explores contradictions and disputes to resolve the "one question and multi -solution" model, introduce the "back -to -back+face -to -face" mediation mechanism, and innovate the "six -party joint" model.It also allows the dispute between the two sides to take orally.With the efforts of Yuan Fang, the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses in the jurisdiction improved steadily, and they thumbs up the new community police.

    "Resolve the contradictions at the source, solve the dispute on the signs, community cadres work on the word" love ', and the community police work on the word "rational" to truly put the community work on the hearts of the masses.Among them, Yuan Fang said.

    "Pomegranate" that deeply cultivates community police

    "Sister Yuan is in the community most of the time. The most impressed by everyone is her love, which is very effective for the masses." Said Shi Yan, secretary of Xin'an Community, said.

    Go to the streets and lanes to pull their families with residents, promote safety to prevent knowledge and legal knowledge to the masses, and mediate disputes on the spot ... Faced with thousands of community work, Yuan Fang's "mother -in -law's mouth" played an important role.

    "Police Officer Yuan, the neighbor's home on the upstairs was too noisy, and we couldn't sleep well for our old couple." Recently, Yuan Fang and a police officer who patrolled the Xin'an community were proclaimed by the resident Aunt Ma.After understanding the situation, Yuan Fang joined the rural police and the police officers to visit Aunt Ma's neighbors to explain the relevant provisions of the Civil Code."The neighbors look up and look down. Besides, the distant relatives are not as good as the neighbor. You said, right?" In the end, after some efforts, the two sides shook hands and said peacefully.

    The Xinshuiqiao Community is a typical diversified community, gathered 2 demolition and resettlement communities and 18 villages and 18 small teams.There are more than 100 shops and 3 schools in the jurisdiction. The neighborhood disputes are more prominent.

    "Police Officer Yuan, you give the judges, the property directly throws me on the tunnels, steel pipes and some waste products on the corridor, and don't even say hello."He "poured" his troubles to Yuan Fang with a high throat, a big throat, and exhaled.

    It turned out that the running transportation of the unused tarpaulin, steel pipes, and some waste products were stacked next to the natural gas pipelines of the corridor.In order to avoid hidden safety hazards, the property company affiliated to the community called Lao Zhang's landlord to notify the notice, and directly handled all the debris at the natural gas pipeline.When Lao Zhang discovered, it was empty.After learning about the situation, Yuan Fang contacted Lao Zhang's property company manager for the first time: "You can't just call the landlord, you must notify the parties, simple and rudely dealt with, and it is not happy who to rest, do you say, is it?"

    Under the two consecutive mediations of Yuan Fang and the community, the property company acknowledged improper handling, timely compensated Lao Zhang's related losses in a timely manner, and promised to pay attention to the working methods and methods in the future.Lao Zhang also said that he also had something wrong, and he would not be able to put it around in the future to make the community of life comfortable and neat.

    The management of the area is difficult, and problems such as the flow of shops and demolition and resettlement have emerged. Neighborhood disputes, family disputes, emotional disputes, and civil disputes are mixed in it, and higher requirements are put on community police work.In order to facilitate the masses to consult legal knowledge, Yuan Fang proposed to move the lawyer in the office to the police room before the mediation work, so that the lawyer provided legal aid and legal assistance at the door of the masses.As of now, they have solved dozens of legal problems for the people in the jurisdiction and have been well received by everyone.At the same time, with the "Pomegranate Seed" police room as the position, Yuan Fang and his comrades actively carried out the publicity of the rule of law, guided the people in the jurisdiction to find the law in case of trouble, and strive to achieve "good national policy preaching, good rights and interests, resolving conflicts and disputes, resolving difficulties in difficulties, resolving difficulties.Good, convenient measures to implement a good, and the safe environment are created ".

    Entering Baijiamen's "Pomegranate" of Baijia family

    "Sister Zhang, what happened to the business recently? This time is okay? Tell me in time when you encounter a problem."

    Recently, Brother Liu, a bunpu, received a online loan fraud call and was just being inspected Yuan Fang and auxiliary police officer Ding Yufei, who were checking the hidden dangers of fire safety in the "Nine Places".They dissuaded in time, opened and shattered. After more than half an hour, Brother Liu finally realized that the 30,000 yuan that worked hard was almost drifting.This sounded the alarm for Yuan Fang, and she immediately asked nearby merchants. Many merchants had received fraud calls similar to routine.Yuan Fangli, who couldn't rest assured, immediately issued an early warning notice of telecommunications network fraud cases in 11 WeChat groups such as "Xin'an Merchant Group", "Yan'an Home Owner Group" and "Xin'an Grid Group".In the next few days, she went to the market to go home to remind.

    Those who remember the masses are also remembered by the masses.Since then, as long as Yuan Fang passes through the bun shop, Brother Liu will enthusiastically greet Yuan Fang to taste the newly baked buns.

    Relying on a pair of iron footboards, Yuan Fang entered a hundred families to recognize a hundred families, leading various public security forces in the jurisdiction to carry out normalized anti -fraud propaganda in renting houses, shops, and industry places, so that "anti -fraud" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Five6 years fell to only one from 2023.Behind the decline of numbers, Yuan Fang and the team's efforts are inseparable.

    Yuan Fang not only has a strong business, but she is also good at "passing the band"."Doing community work, such as psychology and civil code, you have to learn everything, and you have to use it for life." She often said to the young policeman, "Neighborhood disputes seem to be a trivial matter, but the contradictions are easy to intensify, and the impact on the lives of the masses is easy to intensify.Larger. As a grass -roots policeman, we must move our minds and find more ways, solve the dispute in the most grass -roots level, resolve contradictions in the most budding, and do practical things for the masses. "

    "Yuan Fang's community has rich work experience and solid work. She has a strong community auxiliary police officer and has obvious work results." Zhu Yan, former director of the North Street Police Station of Yuhuang Ge, said praised.

    "I didn't love to talk too much before. Later, I followed Sister Yuan to work in the community police.Not only can it be alone in the community police work, but the mediation conflict and disputes are not a problem.Yuan Fang's apprentice Yang Peng was rated as the "Outstanding Auxiliary Police in the City" by the Yinchuan Public Security Bureau in 2022.

    Someone asked her, what is the picture of the community police in the urban -rural junction department?Yuan Fang said: "Because of love, although the jurisdiction was messy and a lot of things at first, under the joint participation of social governance in all ethnic groups in the jurisdiction, not only the public security and environment of the jurisdiction have become better, but the masses' essence is also more sufficient. Community work is not only not only the work of the community.It can make your heart rich and drive people around you to live and work with a positive and optimistic attitude. "

    Original title: "" Maple Bridge Experience "60th Anniversary 丨 Yuan Fang:" Pomegranate "in the Ethnic Area"

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