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[转帖] Macron defends the immigration law: France will continue to welcome foreigners

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    China News Agency,突发新闻 Paris, December 20 (Reporter Li Yang) French President Macron defended the Immigration Law on the 20th local time, saying that France will continue to welcome foreigners; the relevant laws that have passed will protect the country.

    In the two -hour interview show that night, Macron used a lot of time to explain his views on the immigration law.He pointed out that the text of the immigration law is "very clear" to prevent illegal immigrants.He said that there was a problem of immigration in France, but France was not "drowned" by immigrants.He said that the immigration law is the result of the necessary compromise.

    Macron said France has always welcomed and will continue to welcome foreigners; he talked about the issue of student residence related issues that still have room for policy adjustment. He believes that France needs to continue to attract talents and students from all over the world.

    Macron specifically mentioned the topics of the Right -wing Party and the Immigration Law, and pointed out that the extreme right -wing party used people's fear of immigrants, and the immigration law passed the Parliament's failure of the extremely right -wing party.

    The French Parliament voted on the evening of the 19th to pass the draft immigration.Although the ruling party camp held up the pressure to promote the passage of the bill, it caused a lot of controversy in French politics.The immigration law approved by the parliament was considered to be more right in the political position, and the support of the extremely right -wing party was unexpectedly touched. The left -wing camp was generally dissatisfied with this.EssenceMacron expressed his respect for his resignation.

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