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[转帖] IELTS writing related view vocabulary and expression learning

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    English writing has always been concerned by everyone. Themoment information website candidates in IELTS writing will encounter various topics and require a clear point of view to locate the tone of the article.Viewpoints and expression, if you are interested, let's take a look together!

    1. Hold a point of view: Claim

    Contend, Deem, Reckon, Assert, Share The Belief That

    2. Support a certain point of view: Advocate

    maintain, vote for, size with, be in favor of

    3. Oppose a certain point of view: Contradict

    Criticize, Be Against, CAST DOUBTS On

    4. Reasonable: Justify

    Sensible, Feasible, Convincing, PersuASIVE, RATIONAL, Practical, Logical, Wise, SagaCious, Viable, PREFERABLE, Advisable, Appropriates, Bear Much Analysis

    5. Benefit: advantage


    6. Disadvantages: DisadVantage

    Defect, Demerit, Negative Side, DOWNSIDE, FLAW, DRAWBACK, CONS

    7. Affirmative: undoubtedly

    indeed, undeniably, there no deenying that

    8. Not sure: be likely to

    Potentially Presumably

    9. Important: Essential

    significant, vital, cracial, critical, fundantal, indnspensable

    10. Benefit: beneficial

    ConDucive, Instrumental

    11. Harmful: Detrimental

    Harmful, Virurent

    12. There are controversial: ControVersial

    disableable, contentious

    13. Generally: widespream

    prevalent, universal

    14. Present: Considrably

    Significantly, Remarkably, Dramatic, Tremedously, Substantially

    15. Obvious: Evident

    apparent, manifest

    16. Enhancement: enhance

    stringthen, boost

    17. Reduce: DECLINE

    descend, collapse, relleve

    18. About: approximately

    Nearly, Around, Estimated, ROUGHLY

    19. Trend: Trend

    Tendency, INCLINATION

    20. Foresee: predict

    expect, Project

    21. Bring: Bring About

    result in, lead to

    22. Generation, causing: create

    spark, yield, give rise to

    23. Establishing: Establish

    Found, Institute

    24. Requirements: call for

    request, demand

    25. Remove: Eliminate

    Remove, Eradicate

    26. Discussion: Explore

    examine, Identify

    27. Show, depict: indicate

    depict, portray, Illustrate

    28. Meeting ... Demand: Meet the need of

    satisfy the requirement of, cat for the demand of

    29. Enough: Adequate

    Enough, Sufficient

    30. Solution: Tackle

    Resolve, address

    31. Consciousness: AWareness


    32. Control: CURB

    regulating, Censor

    33. Explanation: Account foror

    be resured for, be attributed to

    34. Investment: Finance

    Invest in, Subsidize

    35. Relief: RELIEVE

    Ease, Alleviate

    36. Pressure: Stress

    presure, strain

    37. Follow: Observe

    follow, conform to

    38. Inheritance: Inherit

    hand down, carry forward

    39. Cultivation: Cultivate

    Train, FOSTER

    40. Promotion: Promote

    contribute to, upgrade

    41. Adaptation: adapt to

    adjust to, account to

    42. Provide: provide

    Render, Afford

    43. Replacement: replace

    Substitute, take the place of of

    44. Protection: Preserve

    Protect, Safeguard

    45. Evidence: Evidence


    46. Win: Gain

    acquire, Attain

    47. Foreign: Foreign

    alien, exitic

    48. Pay attention: Attach Importance to

    EMPHASIS, HighLight

    49. Development: Advance

    Development, Progress

    50. tend to: tend to

    be inclined to, be app to

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