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[转帖] France appointed the first female in charge of intelligence agencies, 47 years old is already a three -child mother

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    French local time appointed the first person in charge of the female intelligence agency,高速资讯 and senior police officer Celine Berthon was the director of the General Administration of Security (DGSI).The French State Administration of Security has 5,000 agents, playing a key role in anti -spy, cracking down on terrorism and cyber crimes.

    According to Agence France -Presse, the French Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin said in social media X (formerly Twitter) that Bell Tong was appointed director of "one of the most sensitive government departments in France"And saying that she was "a police officer with extraordinary career."

    Celine Bell Tong.

    The female police officer replaced her predecessor Nicolas Lerner.Lena is taking over the General Administration of Foreign Security (DGSE), which is famous for its popular spy war drama "Legendary Office".

    The General Administration of Security and Foreign Security is currently the two main intelligence agencies of the French government.

    The General Administration of Security of China belongs to the French Ministry of the Interior. The main tasks undertaken are anti -spy, anti -foreign forces interference, anti -terrorism, protecting domestic property and economic security, and monitoring various dangerous behaviors that subvert the country through violence.

    French State Administration of Security.

    The General Administration of Foreign Security is affiliated with the French Ministry of National Defense. The central task after the Cold War is to comprehensively collect various information such as foreign politics, economy, military, science and technology, and terrorist activities, and be responsible for detecting spy activities that are damaged by French interests abroad;Foreign communication signals deciphered foreign intelligence.

    Belitong, 47, can develop rapidly in his career.In April this year, she became the second figure in the French State Police General Administration, and the first woman to serve as the deputy director of the State Police General Administration.

    Belitong graduated from the National Police Academy in 2000, joined the Central Public Security Bureau (DNSP) in 2009, and was appointed director of the Bureau in 2021.At that time, she was 45 years old and was also appointed as the first woman in this position.She also served as Secretary -General of the French Police Union (NPCS) from 2014 to 2018.

    French Paris Police patrold on the street.

    In July of this year, the French "World News" described Bellton as a simple woman who desired "fighting against unfairness".At that time, she was the character No. 2 of the State Police Administration. She exposed the hope of reshaping the police image in an interview.In late June, the French police shot a 17 -year -old African -American youth Nahel M in the suburbs of Paris, causing street protests and riots that lasted more than a week.

    The shot police later underwent investigations, and the crime was intentional killing.Nach was shot at close range while driving away from the police. The French prosecutor's preliminary investigation believes that the police involved in the case of using guns are legally unreasonable.In 2017, France amended a law to expand the police's gun range, allowing police to shoot without the driver's ignorance of the parking order.Official statistics show that the number of police shooting vehicles in driving every year after the law has been increasing.

    The above incident once again triggered people's dissatisfaction with French racial issues and weakened the image of the police."I really hope that people believe in the honesty of our commitment, the social role we play, and the courage to perform their duties." Bell Tong said in an interview with the World News.

    In an interview, Bell's eager to "fight against unfairness."

    Bell's father was a police officer, and his mother was an administrative agent of the private sector.During her college, she was keen on "judicial and defending the victims". She is currently married and has three children.

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