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[转帖] The first formula of "Doing the Truth" was held in Ning, recording the work broadcast article of the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce in the new era

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    On December 25, the first formula was held in Nanjing.

    The author Zhuang Daoqiu, the author of the book, is a senior media person. He is currently working on the China Business Times."Doing it" contains 60 manuscripts written by Zhuang Daoqiu before, including 35 industrial and commercial federations at all levels in Jiangsu and 25 chambers of commerce, a total of more than 300,000 words.The centralized display of the Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce is also an indispensable footnote for the development of the times.

    Xiong Jie, a member of the party group and vice chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, said: "The book" Do it "is a mirror. Through this mirror, we see the appearance of a journalist -There is a soul in light and pen. "

    "For more than ten years, he has traveled all districts, cities, counties (cities, districts) in Jiangsu, and interviewed more than 1,200 chambers of commerce, more than 1,500 companies and entrepreneurs. It can be said that if you do not run on the vast land,Without his writing, the cadres and the heads of the chamber of commerce, and the entrepreneur image of the industrial and commercial federal cadres who want to do things, can do things, dare to do things, and win the business; if there is no way to run on the vast land, there will be no methodology for long -term observation and thinking for formation.; If there is no running on the vast land, there will be no emotional resonance that he will talk about the characters and publish these methods. "Jujuan, deputy editor -in -chief of the China Industry and Commerce Times, commented.

    At the launching site, in the session of "The book about the book in the book", Zhu Yongqing, the vice chairman and secretary -general of the Huishan District of Wuxi City, shared the "three one", "three senses" andThe story of "three good" let the participants understand the story behind the story, penetrate the front -line interview process, and resonate on the spot.

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