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[转帖] Thousands of people participated, the small basketball league specifications are the highest in the country. The Zhejiang Basketball Association will create a small basketball event system

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    Original title: 10,特快资讯000 people participated, the small basketball league specifications are the highest in the country, Zhejiang Basketball Association will create a small basketball event system

    On December 20th, the General Assembly of the Zhejiang Basketball Association Unit was held in Hangzhou. The conference aims to further do a good job of the construction of members of the Provincial Basketball Association.healthy growth.More than 90 member units from all over the province participated in the conference.

    In 2023, under the guidance of the Zhejiang Sports Bureau and the Provincial Sports Federation, with the support of sports and related departments at all levels, the Provincial Basketball Association and the Municipal County Basketball Association, around the provincial sports bureau.The overall requirements of cultivating basketball talents, promoting the basketball industry, and strengthening industry self -discipline ", and actively promote the construction of seven major systems such as the organization, competitions, training, digitalization, standardization, culture and guarantee, and form a national participation, diverse forms of event, rich activities content contentThe good basketball atmosphere with standardized operation has become one of the most dynamic projects in the construction of a strong province of sports in Zhejiang. The influence and appeal of the association have been continuously improved.

    On this basis, the Provincial Basketball Association has always firmly established the purpose of "members first, service first".The service work of members of grass -roots first -tier units is done, mainly in the following aspects:

    In the training of E -class coaches of the Chinese Basketball Association, membership and members are specially admitted to the coaches that are specially entered to open the green lights for the coaches of the unit members who urgently need training. A total of 500 coaches have benefited.

    In order to improve the level of coaches of the training institution, the business improvement training course for small basketball coaches in the province.

    At this meeting, since the 2017 China Basketball Association, Chairman Yao Ming advocated the "small basketball, big dream" movement, the development of small basketball has ushered in a period of history.Long -term development.The Provincial Basketball Association seized the opportunity to share the fate and development with the training institutions.Today, the small basketball league in Zhejiang Province has become the largest competition in the country for two consecutive years.More than 14,000 people participated this year, and the specifications of the finals are also the highest in the country.

    In 2020, Zhejiang Province took the lead in launching the "Basketball Training Institutional Evaluation Specifications", "Requirements for Basketball Anever Technical Levels", "Specific Skills Evaluation Specifications for Basketball players" in the country.The development of basketball plays a positive role.

    In the next step, the Provincial Basketball Association will continue to serve the grassroots and service members as the purpose: to continue to create a good basketball system in the provincial small basketball, gradually receive the event to the provincial youth championship, open a social group, open up the small basketball and youth competition system, establish a youthThe basketball talent training system has effectively promoted the development of the province's basketball industry.

    Continue to do a good job of the construction of the standardized system of training institutions, help the development of the basketball industry, make good efforts, and actively provide suggestions from relevant departments to create a high -quality training institution and the brand value construction of basketball -related industries.The sense of identity.The association and membership units are mutually beneficial and mutual, and jointly create a good basketball industry ecology.

    At the meeting, the results of the level evaluation of the Zhejiang Basketball Training Institution in 2023 and the commendation of the members of the Outstanding Unit of the Zhejiang Basketball Association 2023.The four outstanding units have the exchange of advanced experience in membership. All participants will discuss issues such as improving the construction of the small basketball event system, the construction of the youth talent system, the dilemma of the current training industry and the coordinated development.

    (The picture is officially provided by the meeting)

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