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[转帖] Shenyang's regulations solicit opinions!When issuing heavy rain and Blizzard red warning signals, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, etc. to stop classes!

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    Original title: Shenyang's regulations solicit opinion!When issuing heavy rain and Blizzard red warning signals, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, etc. to stop classes!

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    Drought and expected drought will increase

    There may be severe hail weather

    Long -term in high forest fire danger time


    Facing these possible meteorological disasters

    It will implement manual affect weather operations;

    When typhoon, heavy rain, blizzard,

    When the road freezing red warning signal

    Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, etc. take class suspension measures

    Employers who have misunderstand work in the employer

    Do not do late or absence

    A few days ago

    "Shenyang Meteorological Disaster Defense Regulations

    (Draft for Solicitation) "Published

    And publicly solicit social opinion

    Data picture

    Key unit

    Build an emergency shelter place as needed as needed

    The draft for soliciting opinions is clear that the management system of key areas and key units of climate disaster defense is implemented.根据地理位置、气候背景、行业特点等因素确定气象灾害防御重点单位,Popular information websites主要包括供水、排水、Cheap Reps供电、供热、交通、通信、B?rn fodboldtr?jerPopular information websites危险化学品仓库、网络等重要设施和车站、旅游景点、商场、best rep shoesSchools, hospitals, social welfare institutions, and other personnel dense places are managed and managed, and they are announced to the society.

    Meteorological disaster defense key units shall formulate and improve the emergency plan of the unit to respond to meteorological disasters, determine the person in charge of the emergency management of meteorological disasters; determine the safety warning signs of key parts of meteorological disaster defense, establish a regular inspection system, do a good job of inspection records, discover problems in a timely mannerRectification; build the necessary meteorological disaster monitoring facilities and emergency asylum places as needed, and equip the necessary rescue equipment; form a rescue and rescue team as needed to strengthen the training of meteorological disaster defense, and organize emergency drills regularly;Essence

    Some weather disasters

    Implementation of manual affect weather operations

    The discussion draft proposes that the people's governments of the municipal and district, county (city) should strengthen the leadership and coordination of artificially impact weather work, and establish and improve the artificially impact weather operating system and emergency operating mechanism.Meteorological agencies in cities and districts, counties (cities) shall negotiate relevant departments at the same level to formulate artificially impact weather operation plans, and report to the people's governments at the class to approve the management, guidance and organizing the implementation of artificially impact weather operations.

    If one of the following situations may occur, the meteorological disaster may be implemented.Droughts have occurred, and droughts are expected to worsen; severe hail weather may occur; forest fires occur or have been in high forest fire risks for a long time; sudden public pollution incidents occur; others need to implement manually affecting weather operations.

    When the heavy rain and Blizzard red warning signal is issued

    Primary and secondary schools are waiting for classes

    Soliciting comments draft proposes that the people's government of the municipal and district, county (city) should be based on the degree of hazards of meteorological disasters and related emergency plans.It is announced that one or more emergency response measures such as stop work, production suspension, shutdown, and suspension of business are announced.

    • When a typhoon, heavy rain, blizzard, and road ice warning signal, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, childcare institutions, and secondary vocational schools shall take measures to suspend courses in accordance with the relevant regulations of this city;The school should arrange teaching activities flexibly and do a good job of safety protection; if providing transportation for students to school, the school should take measures to ensure the safety of students' traffic.
    • When a typhoon, rainstorm, blizzard, and road ice warning signals are released, employers shall provide necessary risk aversion measures for employees; staff who have misgived due to misgascles due to the aforementioned catastrophic weather shall not be late or absence.
    • When a typhoon, rainstorm, Blizzard, and road ice red warning signals are issued, if outdoor activities are held or outdoor operations except emergency rescue, other units may be stopped; except for government agencies and enterprises and institutions that directly ensure urban operations, other units mayTake measures such as temporary shutdown, shutdown, shutdown, suspension, and parking parks.

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