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[转帖] "Shanghai Business Development Report (2023)" released about 70 % of consumers to choose Guo Chao brand

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    China Business Daily Shanghai Report (Reporter Zhang Zhongchao)The热点新闻 Shanghai Commercial Development Report (2023), which was cooperated with the Shanghai Commercial Development Research Institute and the Shanghai Moved morning Development Research Center, was released in Shanghai Business School on December 29, 2023.The report outlines the consumption level of "buying, buying, eating, and use" with detailed data, and records the development trajectory of Haipai business.

    "The current consumer demand is different from the past. In the past, there was a shortage of things, and there were too many things now. Citizens shifted from the original satisfaction to enjoy consumption.At the meeting forum, Li Guangji, vice president of Shanghai Vegetable (Group) Co., Ltd., introduced the consumption of Shanghai Fresh Agricultural Products in 2023.From the perspective of the supply side, the situation of over -demanding has formed, and the price will be maintained at a relatively low level for a long time.From the data of 2023, benefiting from the development of the highway network, the proportion of Shanghai vegetables in a single province is now decreased. Like Yunnan, Gansu and other places have become the supply of Shanghai vegetables. Ningxia Xiaoli is already in Shanghai.Household names.In 2023, the retail price of pork in Shanghai was even lower.Aquatic products are also sufficient. Especially during the National Day holiday, emperor crabs appeared extremely low prices, less than 200 yuan per kilogram.The supply and demand relationship of fresh agricultural products is generally stable, and the price has maintained a lower level for a long time. There will not be a big change in the next two or three years.

    Professor Cao Jing, deputy dean of the School of Business Administration of Shanghai Business School, said in the "Shanghai Commercial Development Report (2023)" that the municipal -level commercial center with a high total consumption in Shanghai is mainly concentrated in the central urban area of the Huangpu River coast of Shanghai.The pattern of gradually decreasing from the central urban area to the peripheral urban area, and the total consumption of the city -level commercial centers in the central urban area is relatively large.The top consumer formats are concentrated in seven categories such as retail, living services, real estate services, insurance financial services, catering, leisure and entertainment, and wholesale.

    According to Cao Jing, in the 2023 commercial report, a special investigation on Shanghai commercial brand, especially Guochao brand, found that most consumers identified the national tide brands in their minds.s brand.Shanghai citizens have a significant improvement in the consumption cognition of Guo Chao brand. About 70 % of Shanghai Consumers will choose the Guochao brand, and the proportion of men and women is basically the same.EssenceAmong the national tide products, clothing and hats are the most consumed, followed by daily necessities, beauty skin care products, cultural and creative products and food.Taking daily necessities as an example, Six Gods, Yunnan Baiyao, Bee Flower, Blue Moon, Shanghai Sulfur Soap and other national tide brands are very popular with consumers.

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