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[转帖] Meet with the mind and walk with health: our school successfully completes the training of the class teacher and the mentor team of the mentor team

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    In order to implement the work deployment of the school's first school exchange meeting, improve the psychological health education system involved in all members, and further enhance the level of psychological education of the class teacher and the mentor team. Recently, the party committee's student work department (graduate work department of the party committee) organizes mental health counselingThe central full -time teacher of the center walked into the college and "sent the school to the door" to carry out the special training of the “college student psychological crisis identification and response" for the class teachers and the instructor team of the colleges.

    Before the training, the Student Work Department of the Party Committee (the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee) produced the "Class Teacher and the mentor psychological work manual", and the latest requirements of the "Special Action Plan for the Student Special Action (2023-2025)" in the new era of the new era.Combined with the new characteristics of the school's psychological work in recent years, carefully designed the content and repeatedly polished the courseware, and strived to make this training make the class teacher and mentor's good results "listen, remember, use, and forget".

    This training starts with the characteristics and psychological work characteristics of students in the new era. It systematically analyzes students with common psychological distress and abnormal psychological situations, teachs detailed measures for students' psychological crisis recognition and intervention, shared the class teacher, mentor and student communication and communication skills, and also shared the skills of class teacher, mentor and student communication and communication skills.Optimized suggestions on how to better realize the psychological health education work of up and down and coordinate the cooperation.

    The head teacher and mentor are the important force of the school's "three complete education". It is a leader in the life of students. Good mental health literacy is one of the core literacy that the class teacher and the tutor should have.This round of full coverage training has further improved the psychological literacy of the class teacher and the mentor team and the ability to help students grow psychological growth.Development provides important support.

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