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[转帖] Is the original Sima Guang a deserted person?Let's look at his point of view

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    Original title: Is Sima Guang a graceful person?First-line information websiteLet's look at his point of view

    Sima Guang is an orthodox Confucian scholar. He tried to oppose anything that did not have anything that did not have in ancient times and any reform.

    Song Shenzong asked him: "If the Western Han Dynasty always kept its first prime minister Xiao He, the legal and regulations formulated by Xiao He, without changes, do you think it is possible" Sima Guang replied: "Of course, it is not only that the Western Han Dynasty can be, even the previous summer, the summer,The legal regulations formulated by the Shang and Zhou Dynasty have been used to this day, and it is also possible. Liu Che changed the legal rules and regulations of the ancestors. The bandits were everywhere.The rules and regulations are absolutely not any change. "

    Sima Guang also made an error of proof. The reason why Zhou Wangguo preserved was not because the king obeyed the name, but because he was too weak and too small, it did not constitute the strength, and it also had residual value. If he only kept the name, he could guarantee that he could guaranteeIf the regime does not fall, there is no such thing in the world.

    Undoubtedly, Sima Guang, a Confucian master, has no democratic concept, and you have no concept of human rights in the Confucian thoughts, but only the slavery of the vested interest class.The level cannot be changed. The name cannot be changed. The king is always the king, and the civilians are always civilians. The intellectuals who are used to the only occupation in Sima Guang, who belongs to the only profession, is always a master of scholars.

    However, Sima Guang saw that the civilians could cultivate independent thinking ability through the inspiration of the three households, and could not help but fear, so they asked the emperor to rebuild the eternal authority of the ruler and vested interest.However, in the huge flow of history, it is always changing, and the country in Sima Guang's heart is definitely abandoned.

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