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[转帖] Falling in love with this "chandelier ocean", luxury packaging bags began to be popular

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    Falling in love with this 特快资讯"chandelier ocean", luxury packaging bags began to be popular

    In terms of details, exquisite beaded headdress and diamond sunglasses are gorgeous and mysterious. A mask dance invites you.

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    "Scarf printing" also appeared on the Loop handbag, which is also one of the three exclusive handbags in Shanghai Xiuxiu.The remaining two exclusive handbags are made of malle handbags, which are made of laser cutting leather.

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    Other new handbags have their own characteristics in materials, color, printing and shape.The design of the oversized handbag is inspired by classics and is very youthful.

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    The classic Malle bag has a tight and elongated style, which is very comfortable to hold in the hand.

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    The small luggage handbags are still very popular.The shape of this suitcase is like a long -standing dome suitcase, which is a new creation of ère.

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    The bucket -shaped bag design is clever, playful and cute.

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    Celebrity handbag Bag adds new materials and color matching design, cool and avant -garde.

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    The open -toe boots are well set off the handsomeness of Louis Vuitton girls, and they can use different materials and styles to wear different styles.

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    The guests invited that night were also dazzling.Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Shu Qi, Louis brand spokesperson Liu Yifei, Zhou Dongyu, brand ambassador Gong Jun, Zhu Yilong, Dilmurate, Zhong Chuxi, Jin Chen, Liu Haocun, brand friend Ouyang Nana, Zhou Ye and other stars invited to watch the performance, allowing them to allow themWatch the play.The night in Louis Vuitton Shanghai is even more gorgeous.

    Zhang Ziyi, Carina Lau, Shu Qi

    The picture comes from the brand

    Louis Vuitton brand spokesperson Liu Yifei; Zhou Dongyu, spokesperson for Louis Vuitton brand

    The picture comes from the brand

    Louis Vuitton brand ambassador Gong Jun, Zhu Yilong, Dili Reba

    The picture comes from the brand

    Louis Vuitton brand ambassador Zhong Chuxi, Jin Chen, Liu Haocun

    The picture comes from the brand

    Louis brand friend Ouyang Nana and Zhou Ye

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    Launched a new type of environmental protection packaging

    The new environmental protection packaging will be launched in global boutique stores and online shopping platforms from November.The white shopping bag is decorated with clear red pressure pattern logo and the inner layer of red.This fashionable and sustainable shopping bag is made of 55%of recycled paper, of which 40%of the raw materials come from the waste after consumption, and 15%are the remaining recycling materials during the production process.

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    Clothes and dust bags are made of 100% recycled cotton.The former is decorated with a large embroidery logo, echoing the metal accessories of the same pressure -based brand logo.

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    The stationery and greeting cards used in boutique stores use more forward -looking production models, which are made of 75%of bamboo branches and 25%cotton velvet.The front panel of the product tag is made of the same material, while the rear panel contains 55% of recycled paper.

    The principle of sustainable development is also applicable to packaging cartons and wrapping paper with VLOGO logos, and both use raw materials from sustainable management forests.

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    Hublot () Witness the star of the brand friend Paul

    By Paul, a friend of the Swiss senior watch brand Hublot (), Michelin -grade chef Paul Pare's restaurant, won Samsung Michelin again.

    So far, it has won this honor.Paul was born and received in France. It has been committed to breaking through the boundaries of cooking art for many years, and created a dazzling feast with unique originality.Its highly recognizable pioneer personal style and innovative concept fully interpret the brand purpose of Hublot's "dare to be pioneer, unique, different".

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    Blancpain and Michelin Guide awarded the "Youth Chef Award"

    As the only official luxury partner in the world of Michelin Guide, the Blancpreter of the "Classic Times" Blancpain attended the Shanghai Michelin Guide Press Conference in 2022.This year, Mr. Liang Yongxuan, the chef of Dongfang Jingyan Restaurant, won the "Youth Chef Award" sponsored by Blancpain ().

    Blancpain has served as the official timing of the famous cooking competition and was named the world's top restaurant by the brand magazine "DU".For more than 30 years, Blancpain has created a timepiece on the wrist for many well -known chefs.So far, Blancpain's best friend in the food industry has won more than 100 Michelin stars.

    Professional spirit, innovative energy and superb craftsmanship are the core value shared by Blancpain's high -level watch and food art.Both the high -end watch industry and the advanced food industry follow the same strict industry standards.Whether it is a Blancpain or a dish, its quality depends on the precise adjustment and the clever fusion of traditional, creativity and authenticity.

    Watchmakers and excellent chefs show fascinating abilities: they can combine many parts or components to create masterpieces.More importantly, time also plays a vital role in the production of exquisite dishes.

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    Tissot watch () and the World Championships Renewal Official Time Partnership

    The well -known Swiss watch brand Tissot () and Dorna officially announced the partnership of the renewal of renewal and the official timing of the World Motorcycle Championship.

    This renewal has continued the cooperation between the two parties for many years, reflecting the importance of Tissot watch in the ™ event, and pushing the relationship between the two sides to a new height.Founded in 1853, Tissot () became a Tissot watch () official time partner in 2001.2021 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between the two parties.The brand will continue to witness the exciting event with accurate timing.

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    Patek Philippe Museum celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment

    In November 2001, the Patek Philippe Museum opened in Geneva, showing a large number of rare time to the world.Here are about 2,500 rare collections, including clocks, automatic devices, and micro enamel portraits. They take tourists to embark on a fantasy journey to experience the history of Nikko, Switzerland, and even Europe for more than 500 years.Founded in 1839.It has been the ultimate time.

    Recently, Patek Philippe Museum adopts a new exhibition hall design to create a more exciting and charming journey through time and space.The Patek Philippe Museum is like the pearls on the Crown of Geneva, which constantly attracts watch experts, enthusiasts and the general public from all over the world to come here to appreciate the masterpieces of clocks and feel the charm and deep cultural heritage of watch art.It is carried.

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    BOSS becomes the official partner of the contest

    BOSS is honored to announce that the brand has become the official partner of the Haman Carm Ski Competition, the legendary ski competition of Leakitzbiel, Austria.BOSS and Kitzbiel Ski Club and Haman Carm competition marketing agents WWP-& reached a four-year cooperation, the period of cooperation continued from early next year to 2025.

    The cooperation will begin in January 2022. It will provide comprehensive brand presentation for BOSS through snow road banner, flap door brand vision and other related activities.Since 2023, BOSS will become the main sponsorship partner of the Hanan Carm Ski Competition, further expanding cooperation.After a period of silence, the German fashion brand BOSS regained sponsoring ski competitions and supporting winter sports.

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    Launched the "Anti -Black Friday" event

    On the day of "Double Eleven", the Tmall flagship store continued the tradition of previous years and extended to offline cooperative retail stores.Shanghai's Store By +also closed the store and suspended its business for a day.

    Instead, the offline SWAP (ANY) bag exchange activity is used to meet friends with a bag through the method of exchange, so that users do not need to buy but enjoy the fun of having "new" bags.

    The event continued until the Black Friday, advocating users to change old packages for free and oppose excessive consumption.

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    It was the end of the year, and I did not expect that star chaser was busy than office workers.A "Star Chaser Year -end itinerary" was released online.The schedule is really full!But happiness is full!

    The Internet is no longer boring.There are handsome and beautiful stages.Who do you want to see most?

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