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[转帖] Guotai Junan: The development of the BETA version of Hongmeng's native application of BETA has been completed

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    Viewpoint News:According to the official website of Guotai Junan,hot topic website on December 20, Guotai Junan and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement to reach a comprehensive cooperation in the joint construction of the Harmonyos ecology, and announced that the application of Guotai Junhong APP mobile securities has taken the lead in completing the BETA version of the BETA version based on the HarMonyS NEXT system.Development work.

    The version of Hongmeng Mongolian Junhong App Beta version has covered the core investment and wealth management needs of users, providing users with timely and rich securities information services, covering high -speed market services for multi -breed securities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares, Bei Stock Exchange, Hong Kong stocks, etc.The rich wealth management product services, and support the core trading functions of online account opening and including buying and selling and withdrawal, silver transfers, and one -stop financial services in the Hongmeng scene.

    In the future, the native version of the Cathay -Jun'an Junhong APP Hongmeng will be based on the characteristics of multiple equipment circulation of the Hongmeng system to create a seamless investment trading experience between mobile phones and full -scene equipment.

    According to the past reports of the new media, on December 19, Gong Ti, president of Huawei's terminal BG Software Department, said that there are currently more than 6,200 co -builders in the open source Hongmeng community, 51 co -construction units, and 43 distribution versions through compatibility evaluation.Cover the fields of finance, education, transportation, government affairs, ultra -high -definition and other fields.At present, the HarMonyS Next system is ready to go, and more than 400 partners have launched the development of Hongmeng's native application.

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