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[转帖] Guide young people to strengthen their confidence in solving doubts

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      Guiding the majority of young people to understand China correctly and continuously strengthen their belief and confidence in socialism with Chinese characteristics is real time news websitean important task of ideological and political work in colleges and universities.The book "Understanding China" (published by Tianjin People's Publishing House) written by He Yi, Xu Jun, and others answered the ideological confusion of contemporary youth, and strived to guide contemporary young people to comprehensively and objectively understand contemporary China.Confidence in doctrine, belief in Marxism.

      From the perspective of politics, starting from the characteristics of ideology, and from the characteristics of youth, it focuses on the theoretical problems and ideological problems of the attention of college students of contemporary universities.Students use Marxist ideological weapons to recognize the absurdity of some wrong social trends, identify the great and wrong, and more firmly integrate the personal struggle into the historical process of national rejuvenation, and better realize the value of life.

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